A magical bride, “कम्मो”

We cover a lot of wedding and every bride we meet is special in her own way. But it’s not every day that we meet someone who in a very short span of time conquer our hearts with the innocence of her smile and the beauty of her soul, puts the luminescence of a thousand suns to shame.

This is the story of a very special girl Kamna known as Kammo, whose zeal and perseverance made her special.

It’s not every day that you meet a girl like her.

We came to know that she is a fashion designing graduate, who works in her family business instead of starting her own brand because she prefers to work with her father’s export house known as “Unique collections”, she found the affection and admiration of her father more important than the adulation and accolades of the world.


The more we got to know about her, the more we loved her. What made her wedding even more special for us was that instead of buying hordes of designer stuff, she chose to create her own designs for herself and her family including her parents, siblings and the groom to be for the special day.

Kammo's Lovable Aura
Kammo’s Lovable Aura

Even for her mehndi function when normal people don’t spare any expense, she chose to wear her own design which was beautifully crafted. Her lehenga was traditional and contemporary at the same time and represented the myriad layers of thoughts that were intricately woven to create this piece.

Design mocks of Kammo's lehenga
Design mocks of Kammo’s lehenga

On her peak days of the wedding unlike other brides, she wasn’t looking at regular designer stuff rather she was surfing each and every design on the internet. She didn’t stop herself to get that one inspirational design which was circulating in her vision. It wasn’t easy to get that design even when she was a designer.

She roamed on the streets of Chandni Chowk and all the possible markets of Delhi to get the ornaments for her design. Since mehndi is a function that’s really special and fun go for the brides, so she wanted the outfit which can represent her design sensibilities and likings.

“कम्मो” – The Designer

As a designer, Kammo made sure that the outfit should have all the funfilled experimentations that would make it a unique one. So, it was decided that the lehenga would have all the bright, fun & colourful elements with contemporary outlook in terms of silhouettes and embellishment work.

Once she has created her own design, as an exceptional bride she made sure that the family including her parents, siblings and her fiance (Kush) should be in coordination with each other in terms of the colour story. Kammo and her design team didn’t sleep for nights just to turn this dream vision into reality.

A beautiful lehenga crafted by the bride itself, done in a combination of raw silk, brocade and net for the dupatta the lehenga was exquisitely handcrafted with metal coins and chains, various types of beads, sequins and bugle beads. It needed a mix of techniques from french knot to dabka work to bring it to life.

"कम्मो" - The Designer
“कम्मो” – The Designer

Our journey filming various functions with her is loaded with many stories and moments of joy.

From being the darling of friends to the cynosure of her parents’ eye, Lovely Kammo made everyone laugh and cry and we wish her a lifetime of joy filled with glorious moments.

It’s not every day when someone truly cares and declares the magical bond we shared by dancing with me on her wedding day rather than her husband-to-be.

You are a very beautiful contradiction in yourself my dear and I wish you all the best as you coyly take first steps in your new life.

Remember this my dear that your “Best Brother” will always be there for you.

That one special moment which holds a special place in my heart
That one special moment which holds a special place in my heart

1 Comment A magical bride, “कम्मो”

  1. SANJAY CHOWDHRY December 24, 2016 at 3:26 am


    There is something angelic about my sweet little daughter all grown up with a great smile.

    I have never seen you look so beautiful as you did in a Sagan – Mehandi & Wedding dress.

    You’ve got touches of your mother’s grace and beauty in you, but always have had your father’s smile.

    Best of luck on the future of adventures and memories with your new husband.

    🙏🏻🙏🏻Stay Blessed 🙏🏻🙏🏻


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