A big hello!! We are Nitin and Shanaya – And together we capture magic at Nitin Arora Photography.

Nitin Arora Photography – What started out as one man’s drive to capture the world through his lens has now evolved into a power brand driven forward by the duo – NITIN and SHANAYA. Based in Gurgaon India but capturing worldwide, their bold and vibrant style is commissioned by various clients across the Advertising, Editorial, Corporate and Wedding Industries.

They are partners, best friends, each other’s critics and more importantly the perfectly fitting team where one comes up with the idea, the other is ready to execute it to match the vision.

NITIN – The man behind the lens, capturing the emotions, the drama and the beauty of life. On the other hand SHANAYA is a story-teller and the essence behind the deeply emotive photography that has made this duo one of the most sought after photography team in India.

Know them better

Nitin is the photographer responsible for capturing the dreams on canvas. With his easy style and fun loving nature he is able to put people at ease and that gives him the ability to bring out even the most complex emotions beautifully.  He himself becomes part of their story and his style of candid photography is loved by all his clients .10 years in the industry has now made a distinct mark for himself.

Shanaya is the ‘Arora’ in ‘Nitin Arora Photography’ – beautifully bridging Nitin and Photography! She is the go-to person for clients, models, couples on their wedding shoots, vendors and everyone else who may have a question… and there are many more every day. But that’s not all she is! She also manages the Marketing, Social Media & Communication and on some days she’s the very chic Makeup Artist for brides or our dear muses. 

As a photographer, Nitin has a perfect vision and a great style that brings out beautiful and lively pictures.  And this doesn’t end here; Shanaya is equally passionate making sure that every picture is not just a visual delight but speaks for itself – tells a story, makes you nostalgic and brings out every emotion within you.

 In a short span of time Nitin Arora Photography has become a brand to reckon with and it’s all because of the dedication and hard work poured in, every day, by these two madly-in-love with Work and Life couple.

Featured Work and Clients

Nitin Arora Photography has been featured in Vogue (Band Baja Bride by Sabyasachi Mukherjee), Cosmopolitan, Hindustan Times, What’s Hot (Times of India), Miss Malini, Design Matrix, Wed Me Good and many more places.

They have been associated with some of the renowned leading brands: Reebok, Adidas, Usha, W for Woman, Lifestyle, MAX Fashion Retail, NDTV Good Times to name a few.

Nitin Arora Photography is the Pioneer of the concept of ‘Self Shot Videos’, for which it also won the award of Best Creative Photographer for 2015 in the category of Self-Shot Videos.  In 2016 Nitin was awarded as One of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers for 2016.

Fun Fact:

Nitin Arora Photography was the official photographer for Band Baja Bride by Sabyasachi Mukherjee where they captured all the brides and grooms featured on the show. The fun starts here…

Nitin and Shanaya also got married on this very platform and were featured as one of the couples tying the knot.

And that’s not it, this couple also bagged the MTV Chase the Monsoon 1st runner up title.

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