When the bride wore her mother’s saree on her Roka Ceremony

Capturing the love of two beating hearts is simply beautiful.In this love story we have Vaibhav, a classy, refined and well dressed man who has set his heart for Mehak, an elegant, beautiful and sophisticated woman.


Every couple has their choice of expression for the photoshoot and so did Vaibhav and Mehak. They chose to bring out their inner vintage class and delicate beauty into the pictures. The lovely couple decided to go for a Vintage Photoshoot and selected The Imperial- New Delhi as their destination. The luxurious 5 star hotel is a unique blend of classy and contemporary successfully preserving the essence of the historic aura which effortlessly replicates with the personality of the couple.


On the day of the photoshoot Mehak looked exquisite. She chose to wear her mother’s saree from the trousseau. It was an emotional moment for Mehak as she felt extremely loved by wearing that saree and felt as if her mother is embracing her, throughout and on the other hand Vaibhav looked immaculate and royal in his Vintage Jodhpuri. Mehak was looking luminescent and Vaibhav looked simply adorable as he was basking in Mehak’s glory. The lovebirds were lost in each other’s presence and they had their own beautiful world where love was the only language.


The couple walked and talked in unison as if the angles were singing hosannas for their love and in that very moment their first picture of the Roka in Vintage Style was captured.

Together, they stood out with the right amount of class blended with modern fashion. They were humble and down and that is what added to their personality which made them look majestic. Their mantra is ‘Less is more’ and they stood out in their own fashion grounds.


Their sense of style was authoritative and they looked just like the Royal Dou from the noble times of rich history and unforgettable culture. Mehak and Vaibhav stood by each other just like a queen stands by her king and vice versa.

All eyes were set on the couple as they were making their way into the magnificent room of The Imperial having stunning crystal chandeliers, sparkling marble floors, large mahogany tables along with the impressive wealth of original 18th and 19th century art collection.


The ambience of the luxurious hotel complimented the spirit of the couple who looked straight out from the royal mansion.

It was very satisfying to see the couple so happy and complete with each other. They are definitely a match made in the heaven.



Here comes the final Snippets of this “Royal Couple”




A lot can happen over coffee and this love story proudly speaks about it.

Gunika, a full of life and chirpy girl was hanging out to Cafe Vault with her friends. They all were having a gala time and to elevate the level of fun, they decided to play Truth and Dare.

Fun loving Gunika chose dare and all her friends dared her to walk upto a guy in a red check shirt in the cafe and say ‘hello’.

Gunika thought that it will be too much of a gesture to walk upto the guy, so she decided to write something about him in the feedback form which she received at the end of her time in the cafe. She wrote “The guy in the red check shirt is very cute” and left. Little did she know that it was the beginning of her love story?

Five days passed and she received a message from an unknown number saying “Hi, the guy from Saturday in the Red check shirt, I am Vaibhav and I am the owner of Café Vault”.

With this message they started their phase of being text friends with each other. For a month they exchanged texts only. No phone calls. No meetings.

Then one day they both decided to meet each other and in no time they started to meet more frequently.

One evening when Vaibhav dropped Gunika home, he saw her mother standing at the gate. He was up for making an impactful first impression. So recalling his friend’s suggestions, he was about to bend down and touch her feet but he was stopped by Gunika’s mother as she extended her hand to Vaibhav for a handshake. He was much taken aback by the modern thinking and in a moment of lapse he nervously side hugged Gunika’s mother. Seeing how jittery Vaibhav is, Gunika’s mother burst into laughter and eventually all three of them were laughing at the awkwardness of the situation.

With every passing day, Vaibhav and Gunika became very good friends and they eventually found the missing pieces of themselves in each other. They were overjoyed to have each other in their lives and they decided to get married.

Now came a challenge, which required much bravery on Vaibhav’s part to overcome.

Caesar, who is Gunika’s BFF was sensing that she is about to leave him back and go someplace else.




Despite of being such a well-trained dog, Caesar was extremely agitated when he was brought to Gunika’s and Vaibhav’s photoshoot. The couple could understand that Caesar is heartbroken and that is reflecting in his behavior as he could sense that he was about to lose Gunika, his BFF to Vaibhav.


Seeing the bond which Gunika and Caesar shared, Vaibhav decided to welcome Caesar along with Gunika to his home. The sweetest part is the fact that Vaibhav is Cynophobic, and despite of that he took the decision to bring home Caesar along with Gunika.

Perhaps, the fear of seeing Gunika crying tears of pain for being away from Caesar was stronger than Vaibhav’s fear of dogs. This is how love triumphed fear once again in the history of time and now Gunika, Vaibhav and Caesar are the strongest of friends forever.


Biggest Shaadi Of 2017 by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla


It is not every day that you get to see a wedding ambience soaked in so much verve, class, glitterati and glamour all under one roof. The highly acclaimed designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla kept us all awestruck with their latest set of work which they displayed in ‘Shaadi by Marriott’—The Biggest Shaadi of 2017. It was an agglomeration of emotions, feel and grandeur. The designers are known for their timeless designs, sophisticated artistry and contemporary awareness. The biggest shaadi of 2017 minutely showcased the majesty of an Indian Wedding. The collaboration of these two noteworthy fashion gurus with the believer of ‘passion for hospitality’—JW Marriott, was glorious.


‘Shaadi by Marriott’ was organized to express ‘exclusivity’ in the true sense of the word. It also showed us how it looks like to have a personalised wedding experience. All these exquisite initiatives were topped with luscious food, remarkable venue, phenomenal decor and the perfect service standards.

The illustrious event started with abundance of jollification, euphoria, music, dance and vitality and why not, after all it was India’s first fashion wedding where drama, sex appeal, mood and beautifully blended as one. The show had a sequence of each wedding ritual from the engagement to the haldi and finally the shaadi. Every outfit demonstrated the character and aura of the Indian wedding which was well brought up by much charisma.




In India, the colour red is considered auspicious and the colour black is considered unfavourable. Keeping these stereotypes in mind, it takes ‘an iron fist in a velvet glove’ to gently introduce colours like black, blue and white as the wedding dress colours. Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla effortlessly broke the commandment of an Indian Wedding and yet managed to win all the hearts…which is something extraordinary. It was the most panache packed ramp walk to witness ever that blew everyone’s socks away.









It was a celebration for the eyes to observe such charm and delicacy of fashion. The models ruled and owned the ramp by wearing beautiful, layered dresses in white and pastel shades having lots of ruffles, bows and trains & designs (AMARD, PHULWARI, AUBUSSON, BOUGAINVILLEA, PATOLA, SPRING BLOSSOM and etc) and the males donned PARIS(man-anarkalis) in black, possessing prominent silver embroidery on them. They all looked mesmerising which elevated the traditional yet contemporary look having timeless colours of white, gold and cream to a divine level. This event also marked the debut of Saboo (the popular jeweller) for Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla’s Fine Jewellery Collection which is simply ravishing.

The music which played was a blend of the old and new with a lively twist. It seemed as if it was a reunion of the bold and beautiful Bollywood divas like Shalini Passi, Ridhima Kapoor, Shahnaz Hussain, Saudamini Mattu, Jaya Bachchan, Pernia Quereshi, Disha Patani, Mandira Bedi, Sara Ali Khan, Natasha Nanda, Khushnooma Kapadia, Pinky Reddy, Shweta Bachchan, Shobhna Bhartia, Bindya Judge, Amrita Singh and many more divas in the luxurious ball room of JW Marriott.









For the showstopper, there was a Band-Baaja-Baraat welcome with dhols and shehenaiyaas and in the climate of such ceremonious fashion, who could have been a better choice as a showstopper, other than our very own Sonam Kapoor…who herself is an epitome of ‘sugar-spice-sass & class’.





She walked the ramp and owned the ambience with poise and aplomb which is an arresting part of her luminous personality. She looked sensational in the exquisite white lehenga which is called Burano bridal lehenga, inspired by Venice, having swarovski crystals and intricate embroidery made with white ad silver sequins, net and beads teamed with a Victorian collar blouse. The ravishing red Kaleeras completed her bridal look and her overall appearance expressed the most romantic story a bride could ever tell. With all these gala, the scintillating evening ended with the clink of toast glasses to the event standardized by The Toast Events.