Hello Mumma! Are you ready to pop?


Pregnancy is a lot of things. It’s the gift of life, it’s a miracle. It is exciting to create a life, to carry that life within your body for a good 9 months. To nurture it, to feel it grow, to create another human being, it is incredible. It is also horrifying, it is dramatic, it is bizarre. Things happen… Strange things. Things you don’t expect, things no one warns you about.

Now, stop that naughty little voice in your head right now. You might feel tired, nausea, sore or may be aching. We see a beautiful woman bringing a new life into the world with a gorgeous little BUBBA inside of her.

Listen to the voice of the little one who is continuously kicking you and telling you, “Mumma, this is a world of photography, selfies and I really want to have my every moment being captured before I come out.


You might be unsure about it now but if you don’t have a photography session while you are pregnant, you have lost the chance to create once in a lifetime memories, you can’t get them back.

Images also trigger memories, feelings, emotions and they help you remember more vividly if you don’t care for the memory for yourself. I can assure you, in fact, the photographer (Nitin Arora) himself assuring you that when your children are older, they will be delighted to see the photos of their mumma while they were growing inside of you.

I don’t know anyone who has regretted getting a Maternity photoshoot but I know plenty who regret not doing it. So this mumma, Amrita Bose decided to give and create a memory for her kid. Let’s see what she has to say about the whole photoshoot experience.


“This photoshoot is going to be my lifetime experience that I am gonna cherish along with my popped one. Most people shy away from shooting maternity, some consider it inauspicious too. But to me that moment where you are neither a young girl nor a mom but somewhere in between.

Once you are a mother, you remain a mother even if you plan your next child. Me and my husband Pawan wanted to freeze this experience and what better way of having an amazing photoshoot.

A big thanks to Nitin Arora and his team”.

With love

Mumma: Amrita Bose Chaudhary

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