How a Photographer made his “Pinky Promise” to the bride?

Natasha – The Bride!


Every Wedding we do is special, every bride we meet even more so because they have their own beauty of soul that shines through in the all the glitz and extravaganza that an Indian wedding is.

But it’s only once, in a while that you find a bond so strong that in a world where legal agreements are broken every minute a promise is valued and kept.

This is a story for our notorious bride Natasha, who came to India all the way from New Zealand for her marriage with her fiance Sydney bound Rohan. Although we had not met Natasha before the wedding functions which was unusual for the team.

I clearly remember when I entered the room, full of beautiful women getting their last moment touch ups and I was wondering who the real bride is? At first I thought it is her sister, then I thought her cousin and finally, they made me introduced to Natasha aka real life Agnes (Character from Despicable me) and we became such good friends immediately.

After all, it was hard to ignore her bright smile and the slightly mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


As we covered her wedding functions we realised how fun-loving and joyous life can be if you don’t stop being true to your heart. With her childlike joyous attitude, she made every picture we clicked come alive.

But being a photographer at a wedding especially an Indian one with so many functions and people who would like us to click their “happy shaadi wala photo”, can put the best of us in a spin, and sometimes it doesn’t actually leave us with much time to know the real person behind all the ‘wedding hungama’.


But such was not the case here, we became friends like two school going kids, the ones who laugh at each other’s silly jokes and make funny faces at each other. The special ones you make pinky promises to, and ensure you don’t break them.

Pinky Promise to the Bride

On the wedding day, while my whole team was busy covering this wedding, I could not make it personally because of my own brother’s wedding.

But something kept reminding me that I had made a promise to this special person, more so a ‘pinky promise’, wouldn’t all hell break loose if I don’t make it?

So nothing stopped me from finally making it to this wedding, and the big smile and joy I saw on her face made it all worthwhile for me. I may not have been needed as a photographer but as a friend, I could be a part of something very Beautiful.

That moment when I finally made my promise.

Dear Natasha, this one is especially for you!

Your wedding day is just the start,
Of a lifetime full of love and fun.
It just begins as you take the first phera,
When the two of you will join as one;

We wish for you sweet happiness;
Through the years, may your love grow,
To warm you both from day to day,
In your marriage’s satisfying glow.

In Nutshell, I promise you to be the Gru for the Agnes forever.

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