Gunika & Vaibhav – A Cafe Love Story.

Gunika & Vaibhav - A Cafe Love Story.
Gunika & Vaibhav – A Cafe Love Story.

A lot can happen over coffee and this love story proudly speaks about it.

Gunika, a full of life and a chirpy girl was hanging out to Cafe Vault with her friends. They all were having a gala time and to elevate the level of fun, they decided to play Truth and Dare.

Fun loving Gunika chose dare and all her friends dared her to walk up to a guy in a red check shirt in the cafe and say ‘hello’.

Gunika thought that it will be too much of a gesture to walk up to the guy, so she decided to write something about him in the feedback form which she received at the end of her time in the cafe. She wrote “The guy in the red check shirt is very cute” and left. Little did she know that it was the beginning of her love story?

Five days passed and she received a message from an unknown number saying “Hi, the guy from Saturday in the Red check shirt, I am Vaibhav and I am the owner of Café Vault”.

With this message, they started their phase of being text friends with each other. For a month they exchanged texts only. No phone calls. No meetings.

Then one day they both decided to meet each other and in no time they started to meet more frequently.

Family Meet

One evening when Vaibhav dropped Gunika home, he saw her mother standing at the gate. He was up for making an impactful first impression. So recalling his friend’s suggestions, he was about to bend down and touch her feet but he was stopped by Gunika’s mother as she extended her hand to Vaibhav for a handshake. He was much taken aback by the modern thinking and in a moment of lapse he nervously side hugged Gunika’s mother. Seeing how jittery Vaibhav is, Gunika’s mother burst into laughter and eventually, all three of them laughed at the awkwardness of the situation.

With every passing day, Vaibhav and Gunika became very good friends and they eventually found the missing pieces of themselves in each other. They were overjoyed to have each other in their lives and they decided to get married.

Now came a challenge, which required much bravery on Vaibhav’s part to overcome.

Here Comes Caesar

Caesar, who is Gunika’s BFF was sensing that she is about to leave him back and go someplace else.



Caesar is such a well-trained dog, but on top of that Caesar was extremely agitated when he was brought to Gunika’s and Vaibhav’s photoshoot.

The couple could understand that Caesar is heartbroken and that is reflecting in his behaviour as he could sense that he was about to lose Gunika, his BFF to Vaibhav.


Seeing the bond which Gunika and Caesar shared, Vaibhav decided to welcome Caesar along with Gunika to his home. The sweetest part is the fact that Vaibhav is Cynophobic, and despite that, he took the decision to bring home Caesar along with Gunika.

Perhaps, the fear of seeing Gunika crying tears of pain for being away from Caesar was stronger than Vaibhav’s fear of dogs. This is how love triumphed fear once again in the history of time and now Gunika, Vaibhav and Caesar are the strongest of friends forever.

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