Samsung Photowalk with an Expert – Nitin Arora

Samsung is a renowned brand in the market of Digital products.

Samsung Photowalk with an Expert - Nitin Arora

Samsung Photowalk Led by Nitin Arora

On 23rd December 2018, Samsung India organized a Photowalk at Mehrauli Archaeological Park, New Delhi.

The photowalk was for all the Samsung members led by Nitin Arora.

Nitin Arora

The event started with an introduction by the Samsung members. Wherein several topics were discussed:

  • Mobile Photography
  • Features of Samsung Mobile Camera
  • Importance of Photowalk
  • Mobile Photography in Photowalk
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Challenges of the day
  • Hashtags

First of all the Samsung team introduced themselves and welcomed every participant including The Expert. They started talking about Samsung smartphones and highlighted the key features and some camera zoned smartphones including Samsung Galaxy A7 | A9, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 | Note 8, Samsung Galaxy S9 |S9+

All the participants received goodies which included Samsung jacket & caps and as it was morning so breakfast was served as well.

Afterwards, Nitin Arora took over. Nitin Arora is a Delhi/NCR based commercial & wedding photographer.

He introduced his vision of mobile photography. Nitin also told about his experience of 10 years in photography, how he started his career as a product photographer and how he accomplished in it along with the world of weddings, fashion and many more.

10 years! Not a short span. Right?

The topic of Discussion on Photowalk

Initially, he threw light on Mobile Photography. Everyone loves to click, isn’t it?

But every individual doesn’t have DSLR. So here comes mobile photography. He briefly explained how you can take beautiful pictures from your smartphones itself. Nitin also highlighted the features of Samsung smartphones as he is also a Samsung user and admirer.

Then he explained the significance of photowalk.

Photowalk is a communal activity of camera enthusiasts who gather in a group to walk around with a purpose of taking pictures of their own interest. In other words, photowalk is a group of people who walk together to take pictures. This activity is basically organized by a community, camera club or any brand.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, a photowalk inspires you to go out and take pictures with a different vision and aspects. You meet with different photographers and get to know their vision and aspect.

All you have to do is interact.

Later on, he also explained the importance of mobile photography in a photowalk.

It was the first ever photowalk organized by Samsung in India. So eventually it has to be a mobile phone. Samsung has a number of camera phones with fascinating features & quality.

Recently, Samsung launched the world first quad rear camera phone. Amazing! Right?

Samsung has brought an enormously defined camera in mobile phones with Scene Optimizer, Super Slow-mo, Flaw Detection, Optical Zoom with Dual OIS, Live focus with Dual Capture & Dual Pixel Technology.

What all you need?

So just Click, Work, Play. All day.

Before the walk started, Nitin gave a small challenge to the participants.

  • Frame within Frame
  • Best use of Panorama
  • Story Telling

They had to take pictures, NO… a perfect picture and post using the hashtags #SamsungMembers & #SamsungMembersPhotowalk

Let’s go for the Walk

What is a Photowalk?

The walk started at Mehrauli Archaeological Park & ended at Qutub Minar. It was a 2.9 km walk.

In this walk, there were multiple spots which included Quli Khan’s Tomb, Rajon Ki Baoli, Imam Zamin’s Tomb, Iltutmish Tomb, Ala-I-Darwaza & Qutub Minar.

Everyone took pictures and made sure they complete their challenges at the same time. Nitin was no-where in the backend, he himself clicked pictures from his Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

The walk ended and 3 winners were named who completed the challenge and got a reward by the Samsung team.

Tips & Tricks

Nitin Arora is a photographer so he can’t step back in sharing basic Photography tips & tricks to the members. He gave a few elementary tips as:

  1. Keep your camera lens clean.
  2. Keep your camera steady.
  3. Set the focus.
  4. Shoot from different perspectives
  5. Use Rule of Third
  6. Always hunt for reflections.
  7. Use Props.

After the walk was over the team gathered at a beautiful destination named Dramz for lunch.

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