“The Childhood Love”

The Childhood Love

Childhood Love…it’s an amazing feeling.

Looking back what we feel is…

Its a story of a girl and a boy who had the longest period of unrealised and undeclared courtship ever and still they were so indifferent to a future that would bring them together to a place called “FOREVER”

He lived in the vicinity, He had her glance once and fell for her when she was in 8th standard. For years…they never met, never exchanged words still she accepted his friend request on Orkut and he soon left for the US for his further studies and a future following that.

Their gradually increasing scraps to each other on Orkut signalled a potential affinity that was waiting to happen between them.

They never had any conventional love affair between them… No commitment. Hardly met, Never went out on romantic dates, no frequent phone calls (video chat?? NEVER, EVER !!) and to believe never talked about their feelings still were technically single and yet together unconditionally!!

They typed all days and nights, adjusted their biological clocks for each other just to stay connected and to utter surprise most of the time what they talked was sheer nonsense.

Social Media Love

Still what they had was too beautiful to define and describe in words…despite the geographical/physical distance. Their story moved ahead through virtual means where it all started from a friend request on Orkut moved to Yahoo messenger, then Gmail and now finally they have a display picture together on his Facebook profile.

Since 1999 to half of 2015 they were best of buddies, sharing perpetually everything under the sky not knowing they were just meant to be much more than that! They were eventually falling into comfort and intimacy out of which they never wanted to come out!

On 4th December 2014

They met in Los Angeles, and still, after that, they were clueless that their destiny was intertwined since years, and exactly one year later on the same date, 4th December 2015 they got formally engaged to each other!!

Sounds unreal all the time I trace how beautiful “HIS” plans are… Sometimes saying “I Love you” to each other seems just an understatement! Sometimes love is better not stated, described or proved but just felt. For them, love was unsaid and unheard yet it prevailed in disguise of their addictive friendship over the years.

We became HOME for each other, so after much wandering, we had to come back where we can be we, i.e “home” to each other!

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