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Destination Wedding Photographer


One fine day Nitin asked himself, "What does he want the most, out of this one life?" The answer happened to be, 'preserving the lovely moments of life forever' and that's how, photography became his twin-soul. Nitin has done his post graduation in Journalism and has an experience of almost a decade now in photography industry. He celebrates his life through his camera by bringing out the most vivd, beautiful & breathtaking moments. Nitin is an Official Photo Mentor for Canon India and also conducts Photography workshops for Samsung India. His style of candid photography is loved by all his clients especially in weddings. He is a dreamer, a traveler & an explorer. He lets his imagination soar high as he grow with every concept, every idea and every thought that comes across. He constantly push himself beyond boundaries, trying to discover all horizons of nature & human emotions, through which he tells a story in his unique way.  In his free time Nitin can be found tucking into tandoori chicken while listening to his favourite punjabi music.


Meet the 'Arora' in Nitin Arora Photography

I believe you should surround yourself with the people who clearly love your light and add more dreams to it.

"Meet my forever"



Shanaya believes that Nitin is the dreamer and she likes to be his dream-catcher. Driving herself crazy making sure that every picture is not just a visual delight but speaks for itself; tells a story, makes you nostalgic, brings out happiness, joy, tears, smiles and every emotion within you. She say “Working with my crazy-adorable-goofy-passionate best friend husband is what makes this my dream job”. His better half Shanaya is the voice and soul behind the organisation. She is the go-to person for clients, models, couples on their wedding shoots, vendors, and everyone else who may have a question (and there are many everyday!) But that’s not all she! She is also the marketing and social media manager, the communication manager and on some days she’s the very chic MUA for brides or our dear muses. Shanaya is the powerhouse behind the success of Nitin Arora Photography.

Our Philosophy

At Nitin Arora Photography, we’re simple souls, with a simple philosophy – a life well-lived, is one that is followed by stories and memories through generations. We don’t just click pictures, we capture emotions that light up a spark within with the first glance itself. Our pictures make your heart smile when you wonder, “yaad hain wo pal?”

If you’re here, reading this philosophy, then for us, you’re already a phoenix, ready to take its flight. Welcome!

Little truths about us

Let's get up, close and personal !

For Nitin everyday is 'No Shave Day'
(Don't touch my beard!)

Shanaya is a vegetarian
(Nitin doesn't know what that means)

Shanaya keeps us Socially buzzing. I have no control over social media.

Shanaya is Nitin's best friend always
(and driver when he's drunk!)

We eat popcorn at 3 A.M.

If the door says 'Pull', trust Shanaya to 'Push'.

We rode for over 3,000 kms across 21 days for a show on MTV.

Our wedding was covered on Band Baaja Bride, by Sabyasachi.

Nitin has no solo pictures since the day he got married
(He's not complaining!)