Planning A Wedding During Covid 19


Recent COVID-19 outbreak is in the process of showing the world to look at all the great things God has done and not focus on negative.  ..

How Gurugram And Its People Are Beautifully Battling COVID-19 ?


How Gurugram And Its People Are Beautifully Battling COVID-19? here Nitin Arora Photography describes that How Gurugram And Its People Are Beautifully Battling COVID-19? visit to know more...

WedMeGoodX Matsya X Nitin Arora Photography


Which girl doesn't like to play dress-up with her BFFs? ..

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) Pandemic


Will we ever be able to breathe again the same way we used to ?..

Rajmata Padmini Devi of Jaipur’s 75th birthday celebrations.


A look into the royal celebrations...

Holi with HH Padmanabh singh (The Maharaja of Jaipur)


The royals of Jaipur City Palace donned a festive spirit and celebrated holi with their relatives and foreign tourists in the city...

Biggest Shaadi Of 2017 by Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla


It is not every day that you get to see a wedding ambience soaked in so much verve, class, glitterati and glamour, all instilled under one roof. ..

Why Haldi and Mehendi Shoots Are Just As Vital As The Wedding Shoot


Most of the time, people don't give enough importance to Haldi and Mehendi Shoots but we here at Nitin Arora Photography, here to tell you why Mehendi and Haldi Shoots are just as essential as the act..

How Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Play An Important Role In Every Wedding Shoot


It is common to overlook the efforts that Bridesmaids & Groomsmen put in a wedding. Hence, we decided to dedicate this blog to the young bachelors and bachelorettes, acknowledging the crucial role tha..

Our Experience With The New Canon EOS-1D X Mark III


Shanaya and I recently got a chance to have a hands-on experience with Canon's one of the newest and top of the line models, Canon EOS-1D X Mark III. And here is what we think.....

5 Lenses That Every Wedding Photographer Should Have


If you are a wedding photographer, who is planning to invest in some great quality lenses, then here are 5 Canon Lenses that every Wedding Photographer should own. ..

Why Getting Ready Shots are a Must!


Your wedding is such an anticipated event that its each and every moment needs to be photographed, from start to finish. And these Getting Ready Shots are the ones that officially kick off your weddin..

Why Candid Moments Are The Essence Of A Wedding


We at Nitin Arora Photography are here to talk about the Candid Moments that originated through photojournalism but now has become one of the hottest trends in the wedding industry...

Here Are The Reasons Why B&W Photography Is Always Captivating


We here at Nitin Arora Photography have been seeking the answer for some time now, So let's take a look at why Black and White Photography looks so extraordinary. Here Are The Reasons Why B&W Photogr..

The Story Behind Our Durga Navami Concept Shoot


As one of the most influential forms of art that help you freeze moments in time, And we here at Nitin Arora Photography find Concept Shoots to be one such direction. Contact For more details...

Essential Tips For You To Get A Couple Portrait Shoot At Your Wedding


We all know the importance of portrait photography but in pre-wedding photoshoot or wedding photoshoot, there is a huge difference. here we will let you know Why Is It Essential For You To Get A Coupl..

How to prepare for the Bridal Portrait?


we as wedding photographers, are often faced with the question, "how can we prepare for the bridal photoshoot?". So we are here to tell you about 7 things that can help you get the bridal portrait of ..

6 Questions That Couples Should Ask Their Wedding Photographers


Nitin Arora Photography are here to shed a light on some of the questions that you should ask your wedding photographer before making a deal. Contact for more information...

How can photographers get all their bookings back after the lockdown?


Events like weddings, corporate shoots, and fashion shoots are either canceled or postponed due to the outbreak. Which in turn, has left most freelancing photographers with no work. here are some ways..

Announcement - Nitin Arora


      I still remember that 1st day of my journey when i held Canon 500D which i earned from my first job. ..

The Immediate Effect Of Coronavirus On Photographers


The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of trouble to many businesses out there, but wedding photographers are among the people who are affected by it, here is the blog about it...

How Should Photographers Deal With The Lockdown Due To COVID-19


If you are a photographer who is fishing for ideas on what you should do while sitting at home during this countrywide lockdown. Nitin Arora Photography Provides you all the ideas you need during the ..

Band Baajaa Bride Season 9: Sabyasachi Mukherjee Is Here To Make Your Dream Wedding A Reality


Band Baajaa Bride With Sabyasachi - the quintessential Indian wedding has gotten grander, more majestic, and absolutely memorable. The shows is back celebrating a woman’s uniqueness and her power...

Impact of Corona Virus on Photographers


The Coronavirus outbreak has given rise to lots of concerns that are affecting our day to day life. Here is a blog of what coronavirus has an impact on photographers...

Top 6 Mistakes to be Avoided While Hiring A Pre Wedding Photographer || Nitin Arora Photography


For pre wedding photography there are a lot of people who make mistakes while choosing the photographer, here is some mistake that you should avoid for pre wedding photography. ..

A Journey Through Indian Wedding Photography || Nitin Arora Photography


Nitin Arora has expertise in Indian wedding photography with experience of more than eight years in the photography industry. You can choose us for your wedding photography...

How To Be Confident For Your Wedding Photography? || Nitin Arora


Being nervous about your Wedding Photography is normal, as you want everything at your wedding to be perfect. Here you will know How To Be Confident For Your Wedding Photography? contact for more info..

Top 10 Places in India for You To Tie The Knot in 2020 || Nitin Arora Photography


Every couple dreams of having such a wedding because destination weddings are way more memorable. And many elements help a wedding become so remarkable. But the most significant one is the location. ..

Surprising Tips On Pre Wedding Shoot Outfits - Nitin Arora Photography


When you plant to throng to an exotic place to toast you pre wedding photoshoot, deciding what to wear on pre wedding can be a little tricky. You obviously want to look elegant and stunning at the sam..

Thematic Trends That No One Ever Told You To Film Your Wedding


With the euphoria and ecstasy of the weddings overwhelmingly hangovers the couples who want something extra during their ideal ceremony, many of the couples have adopted a trend of filming the wedding..

5 Awesome Bridal Portraits Tips You Must Know About


From figuring out the poses to bringing that confidence, you have to work a little. A photographer can only help you so much but it’s you who will have to step up the game and rock that bridal portrai..

6 Hacks for Planning your Dream Destination Wedding


Weddings are the most anticipated and the most loved events that thrill us and set our enchanting mood. It is the festivals and the sacred occasion th..

Top 10 Pre Wedding Shoot Locations in Chandigarh


Pre Wedding Photoshoot locations in Chandigarh - If you are confused about the locations for your pre wedding shoot in Chandigarh, then check out these gorgeous places that will make your photoshoot n..

Tinka & Rahul || Pre Wedding Photoshoot at Noormahal


We at Nitin Arora Photography shoot a lot of couples for their Weddings. Tinka & Rahul was another cute couple that we got a chance to shoot...

Viral and Megan || Real Life Two States Story!!


  Being in this industry we the Nitin Arora Photography team get to shoot a lot of weddings of beautiful couples. ..

Natasha and Derek || A Cross-Culture Bonding!!


We the Nitin Arora Photography team shoot a lot of weddings, but some of those weddings that we shoot are so special that even we remember them for those wedding...

Have you Considered an Outdoor Fashion Photoshoot?


What comes to your mind when someone says – Fashion Photography? Usually, when we ask this question, most of the people reply with things like Studio...

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Portraits!!


Photography is one of those industries that is constantly evolving. Whether it is in regards to the equipment, technology or style of photography. ..

Questions You Should ask Your Wedding Photographer before the Shoot | Nitin Arora Photography


 Wedding celebrations bring so much joy and excitement. But who said wedding preparations are easy?  It's stressful and overwhelming to make sure that everything goes right...

Our Top 5 Couple Portrait Ideas for Your Wedding


Couple portraits are an important part of the wedding shoot. They are a way to portray the beautiful and lively romance of the couple. ..

Ultimate Wedding Trailers you must see to Get Inspiration


A wedding is a very special day for the bride, groom and their families. Nitin Arora Photography presents you with some special wedding trailer to get inspiration for your wedding trailer...

5 Important Tips on How to be Comfortable During Your Photo Shoot !!


Nitin Arora guide on How to be comfortable during your photo shoot. Read this blog to know more about how to plan a perfect wedding photo. ..

 Top 10 Classy Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location in Mumbai


Pre Wedding Photoshoot Location in Mumbai - For couples, Mumbai is a favourite place for a pre wedding photoshoot. Nitin Arora is a famous wedding photographer in Mumbai. We present some favourite loc..

Planning a Photo-worthy wedding was never this easy!


Newly engaged this Wedding season? Here’s how to plan a photo-worthy wedding season on how to make an everlasting memory that goes lifelong...

Why Hiring a Candid Wedding Photographer is a Worthwhile Investment


Hiring a Candid Wedding Photographer is a Worthwhile Investment for your wedding. Read this blog to know more about why you need a candid wedding photographer for your wedding...

4 Tips to Look Great in Your Wedding Pictures - Nitin Arora Photography


A wedding photographer’s guide on how to look good in your pictures. A wedding is one of the biggest and the most important one who captures all your beautiful pictures and emotions...

Unique Pre wedding Shoot Ideas you just cannot Miss!!


A pre wedding shoot is one of the most exciting parts about getting married. So Nitin Arora provides you with some unique pre wedding shoot ideas you should not miss...

5 Unique Pose Ideas for Every Bridal Shoot


Unique Pose Ideas for Every Bridal Shoot - Bridal shoot is an extremely important shoot for the bride during her wedding. It captures the memory of her big day. It’s a shoot that she will remain to re..

Ri- Ritu Kumar Trousseou - A Bespoke Experience


Wedmegood X Ritukumar X Nitin Arora Photography ..

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot- A New Wedding Trend??


As the year passes by, the memories start fading. This is just one of many human tendencies. And in 2019, a pre-wedding shoot is not just a trend...

Love that came together from Saat Samundar Paar #Khushi2018


  Love that came together from Saat Samundar Paar ...

Luxury brand Diesel hosted its 9th-anniversary


Luxury brand Diesel hosted its 9th-anniversary  ..

Things to keep in mind after you have booked a wedding photographer !!


A wedding is a combination of emotions and budget. ..

Pre-Wedding In Kashmir (Gulmarg)


Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot? Experience the ‘freezing-warmth’ of Gulmarg!   ..

Have you taken out your wedding photographer on a date yet?


Have you taken out your wedding photographer on a date yet? Every relationship- every single one- requires time, attention, respect & communication ...

Freedom - Women's Day Edition


She was Free like a Bird... Within the Boundaries of her Cage.Happy Independence Day to you. IF you believe you are truly independent!   ..