Pre-Wedding Photo-shoots in 2019


Pre-Wedding Photo-shoots in 2019

As the year passes by, the memories start fading. This is just one of many human tendencies. While everybody remembers his or her wedding, what happened before it might start fading from memory.

A pre-wedding photo-shoot helps in retaining the couple’s memory of what their relationship was like, before the wedding.

A pre-wedding photo-shoot is also a reaffirmation between the couple and the photographer. It gives them time to get comfortable with the photographer. The couples are already under a lot of stress during their wedding because they want things to go as planned and a stranger pointing a camera at them to capture their precious moments, which will stay with them through their lives, is the last thing they’d want on their wedding. Hence, this is one more reason why a pre-wedding photo-shoot is important.

A pre-wedding shoot helps the camera-shy couples to get acquainted with the camera. It helps them in determining what pose they look the best or what angle suits them more, what kind of lighting suits them among many other technicalities. Having all this sorted before the wedding ensures that the pictures on their big day turn out perfect.

 A pre-wedding shoot is also a great way for couples to bond with each other. This is their time alone with the camera. They can get to know each other better through a pre-wedding photo-shoot and learn more about their personality. A pre-wedding photo-shoot works like an icebreaker between the couple.

These days, the trend is to go to exotic locations for a pre-wedding photo-shoot. This gives the couple a chance to explore together, again, giving them a chance to know each other better. A pre-wedding is also a great way to know each other’s likes and dislikes in particular. This gives them time to discuss how their wedding is going to be like since they will be able to focus on their preferences without the interference of a third person. A pre-wedding shoot acts as a final chance before the wedding to know each other in and out.

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It is important for couples to know what they are signing up for before they make a commitment for a lifetime with each other and pre-wedding photo-shoot does exactly that.

At Nitin Arora photography, we understand how important a pre-wedding photo-shoot is for the couple. We do our best in not only creating a good rapport with the couple but we also make sure that they are comfortable, with us, our camera and with our work ethic.

We can do different types of pre-wedding shoots, for instance, a themed pre-wedding photoshoot, a destination pre-wedding photoshoot or even a candid pre-wedding photoshoot. Name it and we will do it!

We want to create not just a wider customer base but a loyal customer base. Which is why our work will be of premium quality with prices that won’t dig holes in your pocket.

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