Planning A Wedding During Coronavirus Lockdown


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused us all to be on a lockdown for more than 60 days now.
However now, after four consecutive lockdown periods, life is slowly adjusting to the new normal. For many couples it’s even time to get back to their wedding planning with the biggest alteration being in the number of attendees!


To cancel or postpone?

No one knows how long this pandemic is going to last and how long the social distancing
norms are going to be in place. So, the question of whether to postpone or cancel the
wedding truly depends on how long you’re willing to wait for the next date.


What about the wedding charm?

Weddings are now expected to be much smaller but that doesn’t mean that they would be lacking in charm. While the pandemic may put everything else on pause, it can’t put a pause on the emotions we capture through our lens.

Sure, the dynamics of wedding photography are going to change; the outfits we’ll find our brides and grooms in are possibly going to change too but it’s all going to be exciting!


What changes can you make do organize a successful wedding amidst the chaos?

Weddings during the lockdown can totally be a massive success if you remember to pay attention to details like –

1. Catering for sanitiser stands at the venue
2. Confirming the plan with vendors
3. Limiting the invitees to the absolutely close ones
4. Cross checking all safety and security measures
5. Making necessary adjustments for the mask to ensure stress-free nuptials
6. Remembering it’s the happiest day of your life thus far



Weddings won’t stop and memories won’t fade away. Remember, life is precious so love every moment and choose your wedding outfit carefully.


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We’re up for it, are you?

Fewer guests, minimalistic décor, intimate affairs, and of course the mask as an addedaccessory to the bridal trousseau – the wedding scenario is sure looking at a big change across the globe! It is definitely going to be an interesting curve when it comes to learning to capture the radiance through the mask.

But hey! We’re totally up for it!

We as Professional Wedding Photographer (Nitin Arora Photography) will ensure that we will be very careful about the norms and safety measures suggested by the Govt of India.

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