Brides in Covid- 19 ( Plan your weddings safely during Corona virus breakdown )

Recent COVID-19 outbreak is in the process of showing the world to look on all the great things God has done and not focus on negative.




One thing is for sure “We all are going to miss this pandemic period” some memories are not so good but some will show us how life will change in the coming times for all of us, including our couple at the weddings. Nothing will stop, it’s just a pause but we are going to play it again.


Weddings won’t stop and memories won’t fade away. Remember, life is precious so love every moment and choose your wedding outfit carefully.




Adding this beautiful accessory can help save many lives. “If you can’t change the situation, change your attitude.”


We as Photographers (Nitin Arora Photography) will ensure that we will be very careful about the norms and safety measures suggested by the Govt of India.


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