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Candid Wedding Photographer In Delhi | Nitin Arora

Candid Wedding Photographer In Delhi | Nitin Arora

Weddings are overwhelming and there are a lot of things to be taken care of and a lot can be missed in a shuffle but there are some crucial things that are always pinned into our heads while planning a wedding. Hiring a professional wedding photographer is one of them. We always make sure to Hire Wedding Photographer who can capture the moments of love that can be cherished for a lifetime. However, candid wedding photography is a much-sought style when it comes to photography.


In order to get your magical moments captured and make you relate to every little detail behind every Wedding photograph to the real memory, the candid wedding is the trend. This whole concept of trendy random candid shots doesn’t combat the crux of the traditional photographer at the wedding but they help them relive the exact moments. Usual photography helps us in documenting the rituals and ceremony procedures of the wedding sequentially. They capture the moments of your guests, friends, and family joining you in your happiness and all the mandatory stage photographs showcasing the happy moments spent.


When you’re looking for a wedding photographer in Delhi or any other place, you need to make sure to hire the best Candid wedding photographer in Delhi who can capture the essence and the real-time moments of your wedding. Such beautiful moments can be from your father smiling and eyes filled in happy tears as his princess walks down the aisle to your relatives criticizing the budget and food of the wedding. These are some sweet and sour moments of your wedding which will always frame a happy and cheerful smile on your face when you look back some years or decades later. These moments will never fail to give you tears of joy and will always remain closest to your heart, these moments will be a treasure that you can relive..


A true professionally experienced candid wedding photographer in Delhi will focus on making candid photographs so beautiful so that they can bring life to your wedding story. Especially when a Couple has spent so much of their precious time and money in planning a grand wedding in Delhi they should make sure to invest smartly in hiring an efficient candid wedding photographer in Delhi who can go the extra mile in delivering happiness! Most candid wedding photographers follow western trends in wedding photography and are making use of the latest tools and technologies for editing and designing. 


A Professional Wedding Photographer in Delhi surely gives a lot of spirited pictures and photos that remain ‘alive’ and memorable for a lifetime! The competition to be the best in the league of wedding photographers is uptight, these days. As most of the Candid wedding photographers in Delhi are striving to give the artistic touch with their photojournalistic and candid approach to fetch you the treasure of a lifetime. 


What Makes Nitin Arora the Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

Our team of professional candid wedding photographers in Delhi believes in capturing all the raw emotions, the real-time bliss, and the zest of all the relatives enjoying the wedding. We aim to help you capture all your moments on the day of your wedding that will always remain with you for decades to come. We endeavor to create memories so vivid and lively that even your grandkids can relive the moments of your wedding. 


We are one of the best candid wedding photographers in Delhi, who have been spreading smiles across couples getting married for a long time. We ensure to take your journey of romance on a level of never-ending happiness. And we always try to give our best shot for each and every wedding we cover. Our work has featured in many leading news outlets and magazines. Nitin Arora Photography has appeared on Hindustan Time, Brunch, TOI, NDTV, and many other outlets. 


We are one of the Top Wedding Photographers in Delhi and also the Best Pre Wedding Photographer in Delhi ensuring to take your journey of romance on a different level. We believe in creating magnificent masterpieces through your memories with the power of our lens as we deliver high-quality work, along with meeting the desired creative and professional photography of our clients. We are a team of the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi who believe in speaking through our work and become worthy of every penny invested by you in us. We have covered hundreds of weddings across India and abroad, you can check our portfolio here. 


What Exactly Is Candid Photography?

As Candid is the newest cool trend, more and more people, especially youth, seem to prefer it over the posed photography style. Candid photography is the subtle art of capturing someone doing a random yet beautiful moment, without actually telling them.


Such photos having no pose appearance can be captured in a lot many ways which include:

1. The subject is in motion

2. Avoiding making the subject aware of the click so that no preparation can be made.

3. surprise is the key to candidness, brings out the true emotions so by surprising the subject.


Candid photography is the capturing of the very essence of moments shared, as and whenever taken. It is impossible to deny the fact that life’s biggest event such as Weddings needs to be cherished forever with the artistic frame of candid photographs. 


There is a common technique known to be used by “The set-up candid”, Candid photographers in Delhi. The candid wedding photographer will provide the couple with the direction to engage themselves in some activity and capture the real happy expressions of the couple enjoying and having fun. This whole technique used by photographers gives a creative and interesting probability of a good and admiring picture to the Candid wedding photographer. 


Candid photography portrays real life or the celebration as it is. Candid wedding shots are truly genuine, filled with spontaneity. As candid photos are exclusive sets of memories the uniqueness in each shot is more significant than perfection. The real essence of a memorable click derives from the skill of being quick and spontaneous enough to catch real emotions of people’s reactions before even noticing.


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Frequently Asked Question

There are some important questions you must know before hiring a Candid Wedding Photographer.

1. Who Is A Candid Photographer?

Candid Photographer is an experienced professional with a specialization in clicking candid pictures of the subject. The camera person with years of experience in photography and knowledge about different styles, themes, and hi-tech equipment involved in photographing. It is the Candid photographer's duty to make sure he clicks every significant moment at the wedding. No matter how small the moment is, capturing that particular thing by a Candid wedding photographer will make it appear stunning and lively. He takes care of every small thing, be it balloons behind the bride or the flower petals showering from above, a Candid Wedding Photographer brings a magical appearance.


2. What Is The Difference Between Traditional Photography And Candid Photography?

A Candid photographer does not ask the subject to pose for a picture, he clicks the subject randomly. However, a normal photographer or a traditional photographer asks people or the subject to pose for the picture individually or in groups. As people can be camera conscious, the picture can turn out to be surreal, unlike in the candid picture, which involves the real appearance of the subject, the emotions, activities, and candidness.


3. Why Is Candid Wedding Photography In Delhi Important?

Delhi is a place for passion-driven candid Photographers who have the cult of capturing random pictures of the subject. In candid photography, the photographer makes sure the subject remains unaware of being clicked, as camera consciousness may ruin the appearance of the subject in the picture. So, every camera person makes sure to click the picture randomly at the wedding while the subject is involved in doing something. If you are planning to hire a candid wedding photographer in Delhi make sure he is the professional photographer who can deliver all your requirements. He clicks everything candidly at your wedding, the pictures clicked by a candid wedding photographer have the power to reveal the story of the wedding.


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