Canon EOS R5 | The Complete Package

After bringing you the In-Depth Review of the new Canon EOS-1D X Mark III, we here at Nitin Arora Photography are back with some exciting news. Canon has finally announced its 2 new next-gen mirrorless cameras, Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6, the much-awaited successors to the original Canon EOS R. 

Canon sent me the pre-production units of both these cameras to see how they perform in real-life scenarios. And since, there is a lot to talk about the specifications and the performance of these cameras, in this blog, we'll be solely focussing on the Canon EOS R5. But be assured as we have also published a separate blog for Canon EOS R6 (Blog Link) to tell you everything about its features and performance

Even just by looking at the specifications, one can tell that this camera is going to be the next big thing in the mirrorless camera lineup. 

As most of you might know, I have always been a fan of Canon. And this is simply due to the fact that I love the innovation that Canon comes up with for its products. As someone who has been using Canon cameras for the past 10 years, I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on the EOS R5 as this camera has everything that I expected and more.

Key Specifications

I know how excited you all are to get a sneak peek into the Specifications of the camera. So without any more delay, let talk about 

Talking about the Image Quality, this beast of a mirrorless camera comes with a DIGIC X Processor and a CMOS Sensor with approx 45.0 effective megapixels which can do an amazing job, no matter what genre of photography you are into. And as more megapixels roughly translates to more details, such high megapixel count will especially play an amazing role in Landscape, Commercial, Wildlife and Wedding photography. With this camera, a photographer can easily take pictures that can be used as posters, banners and even hoardings. The sensor also proves to be great for Wedding photographer as the stunning high-quality images can really make the wedding albums shine

Coming to Still Formats, The camera can shoot still images in JPEG, RAW and HEIF. With all its technological advancements, the camera can offer a great variety of format selection, that enables the photographer to get Wider Dynamic Range, Better Colour Reproduction and Finer Control Over 8-Bit JPEG Images

When it comes to Speed, The camera can shoot stills at 12 FPS with the Mechanical Shutter and 20 FPS with the Electronic Shutter. High Shutter Speeds like these help Wildlife as we as Wedding Photographers capture some of the most spontaneous and quick moments that can not be recreated.

Coming to the AutoFocus, This brand new camera comes with Canon's Dual Pixel CMOS AutoFocus Technology, which gives it the ability to AutoFocus on the subject with lightning-fast speeds. This enables wedding photographers to nail the focus each and every time, irrespective of how many people are in the frame or how much movement is there at the scene. 

Since the lighting can’t always be perfect, we as wedding photographers most of the time have to shoot in tricky and challenging lighting conditions. But with its amazing AF sensitivity (rated down to EV -6) and ISO that range from 100 to 51200 (Expandable to 102400), the EOS R5 can easily AutoFocus and create high-quality images even with some of the darkest lighting situations

Since shooting with a tripod at weddings is not really feasible, the In Body Image Stabilisation paired up with the Optical Image Stabilisation of the Lens, can help you achieve the smoothest Videos as well as still, even when you are shooting handheld.

Most of the cameras nowadays can shoot with 4K at 120 FPS, but with the EOS R5, you can be a step ahead with its ability to shoot 8K RAW at 30 FPS. The 8K videos taken from the R5 are so effective that even if you miss to capture a frame in still, a screenshot from the 8K video will be good enough to give you a 35-megapixel image. 

And if you would like to know the Pricing and My Initial Impressions of the new Canon EOS R5, you should check out the YouTube Video below, where I explain some of the coolest features of this camera in detail.

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