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In our last blog, we talked about the Canon EOS R5, and if you still haven't checked that blog out, you should as it will eventually help you make a decision, in case you are planning to buy one of these mirrorless cameras.

Canon EOS R6 specifications, canon r6 price in india

And as promised, here I am with a dedicated Canon r6 blog for the New Canon EOS R6 specs. And in this blog, we will talk about the specifications and the canon eos r6 review of some of the best features that the R6 offers at its very competitive price. 

canon r6 best review

And if you are confused between the 2 cameras, I believe that the Canon r6 review, in many aspects, is a more fascinating camera to buy. And it is also going to appeal to a larger audience than the Canon r5 Low Light. But to fully understand which camera is the best for you, go through this blog and stay tuned as we will very soon be coming up with a complete comparison of the two, Canon r6 vs r5 low light, so that you can make the right call.

Key Specifications of Canon EOS R6 

So without wasting any time, let's dive deep into the features and specifications that we get to see in the brand new Canon EOS R6 Low Light Performance

canon eos r6 review

The Canon R6 Low Light Photography comes with a DIGIC X Processor, paired with a 21 MegaPixel CMOS Sensor. If you are here after going through the specs of the Canon EOS R5 Low Light Performance, the megapixel count of the R6 might seem a little less to you. But not every genre of photography requires that many details. And what the Canon R6 Low Light Performance lacks in the megapixel count, it makes up for its performance in Low Light Performance. With almost half the number of pixels on the same size CMOS Sensor as the R5, the R6 has way better low light shooting capabilities. Hence this camera is a better pick for photographers who usually shoot in challenging and low light situations

canon eos r6 reviews

With the Shutter Speeds of 12 FPS (with the Mechanical Shutter) and 20 FPS (with the Electronic Shutter), the Canon R6 Low Light Video performs as well as its big brother, the R5. Such great shutter speed capabilities help photographers who capture scenes with a lot of movements like weddings and wildlife. Using the Burst Mode of Canon R6 Night Photography, photographers won't have to worry about missing even on a single frame as it can buffer almost 3 times as many JPEGs as the Canon R5 Night Photography.

canon eos r6 specs

The Canon R6 Wedding Photography comes with the new Dual Pixel Autofocus II Technology, where each pixel is made up of a left and a right sub-pixels. This will help photographers effortlessly shift focus between different subjects with lightning-fast autofocus speeds, even when there is a lot of movement like there usually is at a wedding. You can also check Canon r6 Settings for Wedding Photography.

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As the Canon eos R6 Wedding Photography has a relatively low megapixel count, the individual pixels on the sensor are bigger which helps the camera perform a lot better in low light situations, by taking in a lot more light. And as we have mentioned before, this makes it a great camera for Wedding Photographers, to take good quality images even when they are shooting with either challenging or very low light conditions, without ever seeing grains. Due to the larger individual pixel size and an ISO range from 100 to 102400 (Expandable to 204800), the camera can easily autofocus even at EV -6.5

canon eos r6 review

The Canon R6 for Wedding Photography also comes equipped with In-Body Image Stabilisation, which is an essential feature for all wedding photographers, as most of the shooting we do is done handheld, making us much more prone to capture shakey images and videos. Combining the camera’s In-Body Image Stabilisation with the Optical Image Stabilization of a lens can help professional photographer can take the sharpest videos and photos even when they are not using tripods or monopods

canon eos r6 details

The Canon R6 high iso can record videos up to 4K at 59.94 FPS. And even though it doesn't record 8K videos like the R5, it can shoot Full HD Videos at 120 FPS, which is a much more practical and usable video format that helps wedding photographers add a lot more action and drama to the footage.

canon eos r6 reviews

And if you would like to know about the Pricing and My Initial Views on the New Canon EOS R6 Night Photography, Check out the YouTube Video below where I give a detailed explanation of all the amazing features that Canon offers in its EOS R6.

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