Our Top 5 Couple Portrait Ideas for Your Wedding

Our Top 5 Couple Portrait Ideas for Your Wedding

Couple portraits are an important part of the wedding shoot. They are a way to portray the beautiful and lively romance of the couple. Also, it is, after all, a day when two people unite. So, the couple portraits on every celebration is a must. There are many new trends emerging every day when we talk about a couple of portraits. We know you want to experiment with all sorts of crazy ideas with your partner. Here are our best 5 couple of portrait ideas. Just enjoy the photos and keep them in mind for your own wedding.

1. Candid is the Way to Go 

No matter how many times we mention it, candid is really the way to go. The magic that the candid photos have is incomparable. This style of photography captures the real moments in their true essence and authentic flavour. It is very different from the traditional photos where the couple is giving a wide smile while looking in the camera. Candid photography captures more real and natural moments where people are actually feeling like that. The goofiness or emotional moments are captured authentically.

 Couple Portrait Ideas for Your Wedding 2021


2. Details Matter

We know that you have worked hard for those small details. You must have carefully chosen all the outfits and jewellery for you and your partner. So, a couple of portraits where the details are captured just perfectly is very important. Your jewellery or your makeup all must be captured. It will create some classic memories for you.


 Couple Portrait Ideas for Your Wedding 2021


3. Embracing the Natural Element of the Background

The couple portraits captured during the pre-wedding shoot can be captured in various ways. An outdoor location can be chosen for the same. On the wedding day, it becomes difficult to shoot at a different outdoor location so you can experiment with this type of couple portrait during your pre-wedding shoot.


Couple Portrait Ideas for Wedding 2021


4. The True Essence of the Exotic Location

This is especially important when you are having a destination wedding. If the destination does not enhance your photos, then what does it do? The location must be captured in its real vibe. There are many shots your wedding photographer can experiment with but for this to happen he must visit the location before the actual wedding. This will help him get clarity about the shots he will be taking. Planning comes really handy when the photographer wants to take a creative couple of portraits.


 Couple Portrait shots 2021


5. A Beautiful Story

A wedding is all about togetherness and true love. It all depends on a wedding photographer about how he captures a photo. Some wedding photographers are very creative and they capture a photo in a way that it tells a beautiful story. It is all about the perception of the photographer. Every photo which has all the emotions can tell a great story about that moment. So, a very unique photo is what you might be looking for.


 Couple Portrait Ideas for Wedding 2021

We know that you are really excited to get captured with your partner. So, here were some ways you can get clicked with your partner. These were some of our favourite couple portrait ideas that you must try out for your wedding.

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