DO's & DON’Ts For Wedding Photographers During A COVID Wedding

If you are Wedding Photographer who has managed to get a booking even in these difficult times, it's better you start preparing for your first COVID Wedding. And the reason we say that is because weddings are nothing like what they used to be pre-covid era. As professional wedding photographers, we here at NAP have already covered our fair share of COVID Weddings, and today we are here to help you execute your best wedding shoot amid this pandemic. Hence, based on our experience of shooting these Intimate Weddings in times of crises like these, we have put together a list of DOs and DON'Ts that will assuredly help you see things clearly and help you prepare for your shoot.

DO's & DON'Ts For A Wedding Photographer's First COVID Wedding

So Nitin Arora Photography has listed few pointers that will help you understand what you should and shouldn't do while covering your first Wedding in the midst of the pandemic.


DO 1: Follow All The Social Distancing Norms

No matter what, it is of the utmost importance for you to follow all the social distancing norms while wearing proper gear for protection like Masks and Gloves. Make sure you carry your own hand rub to keep your hands sanitized from time to time.


DO 2: Help Your Clients Set Up A Live Stream

Since a lot of people won't be able to make it to the actual wedding for obvious reasons, you need to help your clients set up a live stream of the wedding so that the relatives and friends who are not physically present at the wedding can also be a part of the couple's happy day, virtually.

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DO 3: Use Telephoto Lenses

A Telephoto lens enables you to take some great-looking images even from afar. And this is the best thing you can do considering today's scenario - while maintaining social distancing. 


DO 4: Talk To Other Experienced Photographers

If you have any experienced friends who have shot such weddings before, then talk to them as they'll be able to answer all the questions you might have.



DON'T 1: Take Your Entire Crew To The Shoot

As a wedding photographer, you may be used to having an entire crew alongside you, helping you with the shoot, but that won't be the case here. The bigger the crew, the stronger the chance of people getting exposed to the virus at the wedding.  

Since things are now much more complex than ever, make sure you do not walk into the wedding unprepared. Be sure to talk to the couple about the wedding events and their expectations from you.  


DON'T 2: Overlook The Safety Of The Subjects

We know that this might be a limiting factor to your photography, but you need to keep your distance from the wedding guests. And this can easily be done if you have the right set of lenses. However, if you are confused about which exact lenses to pack, then check out our recent blog on 5 Lenses Every Wedding Photographer Must Have.


DON'T 3: Be Alone

The second worst thing about showing up at the wedding is showing up alone. Even though executing a shoot alone does make more sense when you consider the social distancing aspect. However, as a photographer who is not used to tackling all of it alone, you can end up getting overwhelmed. So, make sure you’re not alone.


Hence these were a few of the things that we picked up from the shoots that we did during the pandemic. And if you liked this article, then do check out more of our blogs to get similar ideas and inspirations for yourself.


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