6 Pre-wedding Shoot Dresses You Can't Miss to Wear

Have you ever scrolled down social media posts and come across stunning pre-wedding photoshoots? What is the first thing you notice in them? Well, the love between the playfully posing couple is certainly one thing that stands out from pre-wedding photoshoots, but something else that rarely fails to catch the viewer's attention is the outfits worn by the couple. 

Pre-wedding photoshoots have evolved from being just a wedding trend to an integral part of a wedding. This photoshoot experience does not only allow the to-be-married couple to spend some time together alone without their families around them but also plays a crucial role in allowing them to playfully pose together in front of a camera breaking any physical barrier between them, bringing them more closely. Outfits play a very important role in pre-wedding shoots, the overall appeal and aesthetic of the photo is determined by what the couple is wearing. 

We understand that it might not be very easy to decide what you will wear on your pre-wedding photoshoot day, therefore we at Nitin Arora Photography bring to you 6 dresses for Pre Wedding Shoot you cannot miss wear:

1. Evening gown: 

dresses to wear on pre wedding shoot

Evening gowns are extremely flowy and add a sense of sophistication to your pictures. The flow of the garment against windy backdrops can lead to some amazing clicks. You can also wear a ballgown to love your princess fantasy and for fairytale images. 

2. Sundresses: 

dresses for Pre wedding Shoot

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Sundresses in vibrant colours and beautiful floral patterns are always in trend. Cute sundresses with accessories and playfully couples will result in very wholesome pictures. 

3. Lehenga:

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Lehengas are just a treat to the eyes. With the way the fashion industry has evolved, there are various types and styles of lehengas you can choose from for a very Indian and pompous pre-wedding photoshoot. 

4. Suits:

ideas for pre wedding shoot dresses

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Suits with their flamboyant shape and intricate designs are sure to give you some amazing pre-wedding pictures by professional photographer. Not only will you get good pictures, but since suits are very comfortable to wear, you can easily move around in them and have fun throughout the day. 

5. Wedding Attire Photoshoot:

pre wedding shoot dresses

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An interesting idea to have a pre-wedding photoshoot is to have it in wedding inspired outfits. Having a pre-wedding photoshoot wearing wedding inspired outfits creates a sense of mystery for others, the pictures from these photoshoots act as a trailer for the grand premiere to take place. 

6. Casual Attires:

casual attire for the pre wedding photoshoot

While it is important to look grand and well decked up for your pre-wedding photoshoot, don't forget to get a few pictures that reflect you in your natural day to day self. The best way to do this is to dress up in your casuals and have a very fun and playful photoshoot.

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Nitin Arora photography has become experts at Pre-wedding photoshoots, whether it is indoor, outdoor, themed, or attire based. We have become pioneers in this niche. With more than a decade of experience and several happy clients across the nation, we are known as one of the best wedding photographers and can promise you that you will only get the best in terms of results. Just take a look at our portfolio to see the level of style and professionalism used in our shoots. For more information, you can reach out to us, we would be more than happy to capture these priceless moments for you.

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