The Immediate Effect Of Coronavirus On Photographers

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a lot of trouble to many businesses out there, but wedding photographers are among the people who are affected by the pandemic the most. And if you are a photographer who wants to know the impact the virus has brought on the photography industry and what can you do in this particular situation, we here at Nitin Arora Photography are here to guide through step by step.

The Immediate Effect Of Coronavirus On Photographers
The first and foremost question that we are going to answer is

Should you still shoot weddings at this time of the virus outbreak?

With the current rules and regulations that are set by the government, it will be very difficult for any couple to have a wedding as the presence of more than 50 people at a place has been prohibited.

But in case a couple still plans to go ahead with their wedding and you do not feel safe to cover the event, you can tell them in advance and also invoke the Force Majeure clause. The Force Majeure clause stated that you as a photographer are relieved of your duties in case of some unforeseeable circumstances. Hence it is important for you to have a Force Majeure clause in your legal agreement.  

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wedding and pre wedding photographers affected by pendemic

How does Coronavirus affect a photographer?

This outbreak has effects photographers:

1. Physically and

2. Financially 

Physically, because photographers are some of the most vulnerable people as they have to meet so many unknown people throughout the day like Brides, Families, Event Managers, etc

How does Coronavirus affect a photographer

And also Financially as photographers have no work at a time like this. This has also Impacted the whole Photography Industry, including all the freelancers.

How does pendemic affect a wedding photographer

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What Difficulties are being faced by Photographers at a time like this?

Photographers are facing a lot of backlash on their business due to the lockdown. And here are the following ways, COVID - 19 has affected photographers:

1. Cancellations: Even before the country went under lockdown and only a few cases were reported of COVID - 19, people started to cancel their shoots. Photographers had to drop a lot of events that were supposed to happen in the month of March and April.

2. No Work for freelancers: Photographers who are not associated with any firm are having a difficult time finding events to shoot. Most of these photographers depend on events like weddings and birthdays, but as these events are getting canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, these photographers are also losing their work.

3. Studio Shutdowns: Most photography studios have a team of photographers, videographers, and editors working for them, and as the government is not allowing a lot of people to be at the same place, photographers had to shut down their Studios

4. Delivery Issues: The softcopy photos can be shared online with the client in various ways. But in the case of the actual album, the photographer has to deliver it in person which is not possible in the current lockdown circumstances. 

Hence there were some of the ways photographers are affected by COVID -19. 

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