Why Is It Essential For You To Get A Couple Portrait Shoot At Your Wedding?

As you may already know, we here at Nitin Arora Photography are also a couple and we love taking some romantic shots of couples at their wedding simply because we believe that couple portraits are special and they should be an important part of your wedding album. We love each and every aspect of wedding photography but our hearts just skip a beat when it comes to couples portraits. So, today we wanted to talk to you about how important it is for you to get a couples portrait shoot at your wedding. And here are some of the reasons for the same:

1. They Look Amazing -

Even though we have a couple of solid reasons lined up for you, this is the one that is enough for you to start planning for your couple's portrait right this instant. The photos from this shoot are nothing less than magical. These romantic shots are meant to scream "Couple Goals".

Why Is It Essential For You To Get A Couple Portrait Shoot At Your Wedding
2. They Help You Tell Your Story -

A major aspect of these Couple Portraits is storytelling. These shoots are done so that you as a couple are able to tell the viewers about the very journey that has brought you 2 to this moment.

Couple Portrait Shoot

3. The Wedding Revolves Around You -

This is your special day, and it is essential that you get a portrait shoot that conveys the same to someone who sees your wedding album. And as the day is all about you, why not a whole photoshoot too?

Couple Portrait Shoot At Your Wedding
4. The Memories -

Always remember that these are some of the most precious moments of your life and a Portrait Shoot will allow you to hold on to these priceless moments for a long long time.

best couple portrait photoshoot

5. These Shoots Bring Out Couple's Chemistry -

Most of the time these shoots have a very intimate setting hence they allow the couple to showcase their chemistry to the world. And who doesn't like some firey and romantic couple portraits?

best wedding couple portrait photography

And As you have gone through all the reasons to have a couples portrait shoot at your wedding, here are some tips that will help you plan the perfect couples portrait.

- Communicate with your photographer

This is an essential step as you and your photographer should be on the same page for your couple's portrait photography. The photographer should be well aware of what all do you expect from the shoot so that he/she can plan their part accordingly.

results of couple portrait shoot

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- Beating The Time Pressure 

This is an issue that is faced by most couples as they believe that a couples portrait is going to take up a lot of their time. As professional wedding photographer , we know that these shoots don't usually take more than 30-45 minutes. But if you are a couple who has planned something special for their couples portrait, you can always get the shot before or after your hectic wedding day.

top couple portrait photography service

- Don't Keep Your Guests Waiting 

And even if you are planning to get the shoot on the same day, you can just let the people know, so that they don't get tired just waiting for you to show up.

Essential For You To Get A Couple Portrait Shoot At Your Wedding?

- Relax and Be Yourself -

Last but not least, this is one of the most important directions for you as most couples get nervous and conscious when it comes to portrait photography. But let us tell you that nothing good has ever come out of a couples portrait shoot where the couple is nervous. So be happy and enjoy this as much as you can as this is a very special moment for you and your partner both.

wedding couple portrait
beautiful couple smiling
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