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  •   Frankfurt,Germany
  •   19 Jul, 2018

Ritam and Patrick, our two very stylish love birds just got hitched in their hometown of Frankfurt, Germany! From amazingly coordinated outfits to some beautiful landscape portraits, this wedding has given us tons of couple goals and some really amazing decor ideas! Patrik and Ritambhara, Ritam, as she is fondly called by everyone around, met at the tender age of 14 and 15 years old. What started as casual dating and just a fun thing to do developed to a serious commitment. Throughout the years they grew together. Not only did the grow as a team and lovers, they also grew as individuals. Both pursued different carriers. While Ritam joined their family business and handles two restaurants together with an amazing team, Patrik became a consultant - traveling back and forth or, if lucky, staying in Frankfurt. They dated for ten years before telling their parents they want to get married!