Freedom - Women's Day Edition

She was Free like a Bird... Within the Boundaries of her Cage.

Happy Independence Day to you. IF you believe you are truly independent!

Usually, when we talk about redefining, it points towards something better, enhanced or positive. But sadly, it’s not the same when it comes to how we, as a society, have redefined Freedom.

No, this is not another post that wants to talk about social issues, or highlight social stigmas. This is simply a reflection of how we feel we have managed to redefine something as basic, as pure and as vital as Freedom.

     The dictionary defines FREEDOM as:

  1. the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.
  2. the state of NOT being imprisoned or enslaved.

Did the dictionary get it wrong or have we redefined Freedom?

The way we see Freedom is something like this:

F- Fear

R- Rape

E- Emotional Abuse

E- Eve Teasing

D- Domestic Violence

O- Oppression

M- Murder

Does that sound harsh? Well, reality usually is.

Are our women safe? Are our women independent and free?

Forget women, are little girls and babies safe?

NO... NO and NO!

It’s not just about being able to wear crop tops and mini skirts or being successful professionals; it’s not about women being able to live alone, travel alone or even enjoy a drink or two...

It’s about snatching away the one thing that no one should be allowed to snatch- the Freedom to be YOU. The Freedom to be a Woman.

Think about it.

You want to redefine Freedom, let’s do it! But let it stand for something beautiful and uplifting.

WAKE UP! This Independence Day don’t just enjoy a mid-week break or indulge in tri-colored cocktails, while wearing your carefully picked out tri-colored outfits. Do that, but make it more than just about a holiday.

We did create history on this day, why not do it again?

What’s your definition of Freedom?

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