What Does The Future Hold For Wedding Photographers After Everything Gets Normal?

In these unpredictable times, it is only natural for us to wonder, "What's Next?", And if you are a wedding photographer who is wondering what the future holds for you, then not to worry as that is exactly what we at Nitin Arora Photography are here to talk about Professional Wedding Photographer Post COVID. 

Even though most weddings have been put on hold for now, we'll soon be seeing couples getting back to their dream wedding plans. And that's what you as a photographer should look up to. And as soon as the COVID situation of the country gets better, you will surely see more wedding shoots than ever. However, that is not the only thing that will change in the wedding photography industry. 


What Should Wedding Photographers Expect From A Post COVID Industry?

Since we at NAP have been a part of this field for long, we have seen it go through a lot of changes and trends. And with our experience, we are here to tell you everything that you, as a wedding photographer, should expect from a post lockdown world.


1. Open Wedding Venues

Since good ventilation can help wedding planners keep the risk of exposure to a minimum, we will surely be seeing more of these garden/tent weddings instead of the traditional indoor weddings.


2. Fewer Buffet Arrangements

Even though Indian weddings are known for their traditional buffet systems, these will soon change. And this is due to the fact that in a usual buffet arrangement, people are more likely to get in close proximity with each other.

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3. Live Streams

Since the guest lists will stay short at least for a while, couples would like to live stream their weddings so that none of their relatives and friends misses out on their special day.


4. Better Hygiene Standards

Even though the situations won't be as severe, every wedding will have a thermal screening and various hand sanitising stations. Not only will this contain the virus from spreading but it will also improve health standards.

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Hence, these were a few trends that you'll definitely be seeing at weddings even after the post covid era. However, as photographers, we should always be prepared for everything. So in case, you are about to shoot your first Covid weddings and looking for a few ideas, then you should go through some of our recent blogs like Our Experience Of Shooting Our First COVID Wedding.


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