Have you taken out your wedding photographer on a date yet?

Have you taken out your wedding photographer on a date yet?

Every relationship- every single one- requires time, attention, respect, communication and two-way efforts... even the relationship you build with your wedding photographer.

It’s surprising to see how so many couples today ignore or overlook the need to really work on building a bond with their photographer. This not only results in not-so-great pictures but also a gap in the story that the photographers try and build. Why?

Firstly, your photographer doesn’t know you- your love story, your quirky personality or your exact needs. Secondly, you don’t know what your photographer is capable of and how the team can really build upon your wedding pictures and story.

Let’s start with the very basic. A photographer is a professional and most importantly an artist. Unlike other ‘vendors’ that you may be hiring for your wedding, a photographer doesn’t really work on set options. You know choosing the color of your mandap drapes is not the same as opting for different styles of photography!

Your photographer- the artist- and his team need to know you and build that bond with you to know what style will work best for you. This bond needs to be built through communication, respect, mutual understanding and a lot of trust on your photographer and their expertise. Yes, in wedding planning terminology a photographer is a vendor, but a photographer is more than just that. A wedding photographer needs to become a part of your wedding to be able to capture and freeze the most beautiful parts of it.

Coming back to the date, you need to spend enough time with your photographer, much before the wedding to straighten out the creases, fix any loopholes and build strong bridges of communication. Here’s what you need to do:

- Talk, talk and talk some more... and then listen!

Set up a casual meeting with your photographer to discuss the many questions, doubts and expectations that you may have. The same way, allow your photographer to do the same.This candid, casual talk will allow both you and your photographer to come on the same page and give both of you an idea as to how to take this forward.

- One for all, all for one!

Your photographer will have a team of his own and remember that all of them play a vital role. Respect the team and treat them well. Make sure your photographer and his team have everything they need, and yes that includes a full stomach and hydrated, fresh minds too.

- Creativity, Communication and Trust

An artist thrives on creativity, communication and trust- make sure there are no gaps here!

Your wedding photographer can truly make your pictures have a life and character of their own- only if you allow them.

While wedding photography has evolved over the years and many new styles and technologies have made their way in, the biggest barrier faced by photographers today is a lack of bond with their clients. How can you expect an artist to express and enhance the emotions and love when they don’t even know who you are as individuals?

Imagine this, can a dancer give their best performance without music? Or can a painter truly create a masterpiece without inspiration? And just like that, a photographer can never really highlight and showcase your best features and personalities without communication, trust, mutual respect, and appreciation.

So take your wedding photographer out on a date and start building on a relationship. Get the conversations brewing and let the spark of your love and the joy in your heart inspire your photographer. Allow them to peek into your love story and create magic around it!

You need to click with your photographer before they click YOU!

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