6 Hot Wedding Ideas To Plan Your Small Wedding Celebration

Weddings are one of the most important yet magical days of your life, and we’re sure you want it to be the most amazing and perfect day of your life. Since the COVID 19 pandemic changed the course of our lives and of course the way we had weddings. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding you had dreamed of. 

Since you want to have Small Wedding, you definitely need to cut down on your wedding day guest list. However, you don’t have to make your wedding all about DIYs, you can hire the vendors, who can make your Intimate Wedding look more magical than you could have ever thought of. 

In case you’re looking for some ideas to host Small Wedding, here we have compiled some Hot Tips that we believe will help you pull off your Dream Wedding.


6 Hot Wedding Ideas for Small Wedding Planning


1. Reduce Guest List


We know it can be a very painful task to drop some of your acquaintances and friends from the guest list but it is the way the times are expecting from us. You need to make sure your guest list is very small so that you can adhere to the COVID guidelines and at the same time take precautions in times of health crisis. You can also check Things You Can't Forget On COVID 19 Wedding Checklist 


2. Personalize your Wedding



Since you’ve cut short your wedding guest list, it means there’s room in your budget to fit in things that can make your wedding really personalized. Right from the invitations to the wedding gifts to the meals, you can add a personal touch to everything to make sure the wedding day becomes memorable for everyone attending the ceremony.

As far as wedding invitations are concerned, you can send a personalized note to the guests or simply leave a note for all the invitees on the food tables. There’s a growing trend from using pre-wedding shoot images of to-be bride and groom on the wedding invites to make it more cheerful and personalized. 


3. Choose the Right Space


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Whether you want to have your wedding at home or at some hotel in a foreign land, make sure you choose the best place that suits your requirements and wedding theme. Whether it is a banquet hall or your backyard, you can make your intimate wedding look jaw-dropping. 

From boats to barns to boutique hotels, choose space according to your party size. 


4. Consider Privacy



This is one of the hottest and romantic ideas you can adopt in your intimate wedding planning. This way you can give privacy to your guests and of course the couples. You can also Check out Destinations To Plan Your Wedding.


5. Include Fun Activities and Events



When you’re among the ones whom you love, you’d definitely want to spend time with them. An intimate wedding can be a great get-together for you and your friends and family and you can make the most out of it by including some fun full activities and games. 


6. Hire the Best Professional Wedding Photographer 



After the wedding is over, all you are left with are photographs full of memories. So not hiring the wedding photographer is the last thing you want. To make your wedding memories vivid for a lifetime, make sure you choose the best wedding photographer who can capture every moment of your wedding day.


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