How can photographers get all their bookings back after the lockdown?

The complete lockdown of the country due to the coronavirus outbreak has really affected the economic condition of the company. Every business is somehow directly or indirectly impacted by the pandemic. But today we are here to talk about how the virus has impacted the photography industry specifically, and what all things a photographer can do during this time, to make sure that his/her business will be back on track once the lockdown comes to an end.

How has COVID-19 affected the Photography Industry?

Events like weddings, corporate shoots, and fashion shoots are either cancelled or postponed due to the outbreak. Which in turn, has left most freelancing photographers with no work. And not just freelancers, each and each and every Professional Photographer is seeing a downfall in their business. 

And this is not something that happened just because of the 21 days lockdown, people started to cancel their shoots way before the country went under lockdown, just to practice social distancing that is being advised all over the world. 

And as the lockdown was a good call to save the country from further harm, you might be thinking that there is nothing a photographer can do during this time that would counter the downfall their business has seen. But there are a few things that can keep a photographer engaged and also help them get all of their bookings back once the lockdown is over.


How can photographers make sure that their business will be back on track once the lockdown is lifted?

These are some of the things that a photographer should do as he/she now has the time:


1) Talk to current as well as potential clients
The people who cancelled their shoots due to the lockdown would eventually reschedule them once all of this is over. And what you have to do is make sure that you are the photographer they come (back) to for the rescheduled event's photography and videography.

For this, all you have to do is talk to your clients regularly, and also reach out to leads and potential clients and establish a rapport with them. This will give you the headstart that your business will need once the lockdown is over.


2) Work on marketing strategies
Marketing is something that photographers hardly give time to on a regular day. But as you have this time, make sure that you have a good online presence. Work on your Digital and Social Media Marketing as you will get most of your clients from there.

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You need to spend your time productively so that you establish a great brand image for your business among people.


3) Update Your Website and Portfolio
When a person is looking for a photographer, the first thing he/she does is go to the photographer's websites and check out their previous work. Your website and portfolio are enough to either make or break the deal for you. And as most people are home nowadays, your website and social media will automatically get more traffic.  

Hence updating your website and portfolio is another important aspect that you have to work upon.

So these were the 3 major things that a photographer should focus on to get back on their feet once all of this is over. And if you are a photographer you should definitely go and check out our website, Nitin Arora Photography, for ideas and inspirations that you can try and further strengthen your photography skills.

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