How Gurugram And Its People Are Beautifully Battling COVID-19 ?

Traffic, crowd, multinational companies, busy and bustling, offices, schools, residential areas, malls, more traffic, more crowd…

This is probably how you imagine Gurugram, and rightly so! The city is home to some of the most established global multinational companies, and welcomes a large force of employees, workers, and entrepreneurs every single day. A part of New Delhi’s NCR, Gurugram is one of the major satellite cities to the capital. It nests a large population of approximately 870,000 people. It is an economic hub that spans across diverse industries, including, automobiles, finance, banking, and over 250 Fortune 500 companies.

Lockdown in Gurgaon

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gurgaon drone view


Being a major economic hub, comes with its own share of problems and chaos. In fact, in March 2019, the city was amongst the most populated cities across the globe. Yes, pollution from a heavy traffic flow and industrial pollution are the banes that have cradled the city of Gurugram. Even with extensive and escalated development plans to build better public transport, pollution is still a battle that the city needs to win over.

So how has this maddening, chaotic, busy, and hustling city taken to the global pandemic, COVID-19?

For anyone who has been to, works in, or lives in Gurugram, it’s almost impossible to imagine that this city ever stops, and yet it has!

Empty streets, no vehicles on the road, no honks blaring, no black smoke enveloping you, shutters down, no happy shoppers, no groups of colleagues and friends sitting across pubs and restaurants… can you picture it?

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arial view of Gurgaon city


drone photography in Guragon

At first, I thought it was eerie, almost a scary ghost town! And then, I saw the beauty… the magic!

The air feels fresher, the trees look greener, the sky is a bright blue, the streets are cleaner, and the whole atmosphere seems to be more joyful and vibrant. The chirping of birds has taken over the honking, smoke-filled air is taken over by the smell of fresh grass, and the daily clutter is taken over by a sense of calm. It’s beautiful outside and I really hope we can maintain this beauty even after the pandemic is over.

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Stay home, stay safe but marvel at the natural beauty around you. Nature, after a long time, has got the time to heal, rejuvenate and revive itself – for us! Let’s do our bit by staying in now and being more environmental conscious when we finally do step out and get back to our daily routines.


My heart goes out to all our real heroes – the essential workers who are working from the frontline to ensure our safety and good health. A big thank you to all healthcare workers, police officials, governing authorities, essential workers and the people of Gurugram who are together fighting COVID-19 as one big family.

Remember, this too shall pass !!

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