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Indian Wedding Photography evolves pretty quickly, and this is due to the fact that wedding pictures are such a significant part of a couple's lives that they are always up finding new ways to make them look better.

However, due to the pandemic, these changes and trends have sped up even further. And here are a few ways we, as wedding photographer, have seen the industry change over the past year. 



Wedding Albumm

Due to the social restrictions and the ever growing influence of social media, more & more couples are now opting for just the digital copies of the wedding pictures. Since people post all of their wedding photos on Instagram & Facebook, they no longer feel the need to have a physical albumm of their special day. However, we here at Nitin Arora Photography feel that Wedding Albums are one of the tokens of couples's most special day, and every couple should opt for one no matter what. And the reason we put so much emphasis on wedding albums is that these are passed down to generations as a family legacy. You can Also check The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist

The reason we put so much emphasis on wedding albums is that these are passed down to generations as a family legacy. But since covid has changed the way people think about the wedding, it has also changed the way people feel about their wedding pictures.


Finding A Client

The pandemic had such a bad impact on the industry that Professional Wedding Photographer had to look for other ventures and businesses like portrait photography, alongside working with the very few couples who didn't back out from their wedding plans due to COVID.

We believe that this time is also a blessing in disguise as it has helped all of us realize the value of our family, friends, and everything that we took for granted. Read a Detailed blog on How To Get Wedding Photography Clients?



Outdoor Weddings

As Professional Photographers during these COVID times, we prefer to capture weddings that happen outdoors and have a short guest list. And since this is the only kind of celebration that is encouraged, you'll be seeing a lot more of these backyard weddings as they check out both of the boxes, outdoor and small. 



Zoom Weddings

Like most events, you'll now be able to be a part of such weddings with the help of Zoom and other online meetings platforms. And since most of the celebrations are small, they have been great for photographers who thrive on shooting smaller and intimate weddings.

As a couple that has shot intimate weddings before, we know that these events result in better and more romantic couple portraits, as they help us bring out the couple's chemistry when there are fewer people around.

And as we said, the lockdown and isolation have changed how people saw life. And this leads them to appreciate their small and quaint wedding as much as the extravagant one they must have planned before the outbreak.

At this point, we are not sure if these changes are here for a couple more years or forever. But these unprecedented times have surely changed people's relationship with money, and how much they are willing to spend on their weddings.

But among all this, we still have clients who are waiting for this storm to end so that they can have the wedding that they always planned alongside their friends and family.

So if you are looking for some inspirations for your COVID Wedding, then check out our online portfolio and also our covid wedding blogs.


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