Love that came together from Saat Samundar Paar #Khushi2018

Love that came together from Saat Samundar Paar

Long-distance relationships are extremely relaxing and easy to navigate," said no one in a long-distance relationship ever but this couple will astonish you.

Ankit & Ayushi - both passionate dancers, met during an inter-university dance competition in Singapore (2013) where Ankit and Ayushi were the lead dancers for their respective universities. The dance rivalry across universities turned into a mutual attraction towards each other. Ankit used all the tricks up his sleeve to woo Ayushi and he set-up the perfect first date which included Ayushi’s 3 favourite spots in Singapore over the course of the evening.


Fast forward to 2015, Ankit moved to London and this followed a slightly hard couple of years when they flew back and forth between Singapore and London to counter the distance and time zone difference while living their hectic day to day banking lifestyle. Ayushi moved to Dublin in September 2017, which was closer but still a flight away from London and they flew every weekend to London or Dublin to be with each other. Their love and desire to be with each other carried them through these hard few years being away and set sail through the difficult times.

In January 2018, Ayushi’s birthday weekend in London, Ankit pulled off the biggest surprise and magical proposal for Ayushi where he organised a Flash Mob in the middle of one of the busiest streets in London (Piccadilly Circus). This gesture and moment swept Ayushi away and she said YES when Ankit popped the question.

Ankit Surprised Ayushi by joining in Flash Mob in London


Ankit & Ayushi got married on 10th December 2019 at ITC Mughal in Agra, city of the beautiful Taj Mahal! They went back to London and Dublin after the marriage and spent 3 months in different cities flying back on forth over the weekends to be with each other. Ankit continued to surprise Ayushi by organizing a road trip across Ireland for their first valentines’ weekend after marriage. Ayushi surprised Ankit by flying in to London on their 3rd month anniversary after the wedding. They both believe that distance, time difference and not being physically present with each other is no reason to not celebrate their love and live a life full of adventure. 



Ayushi finally moved to London in April’19 and they have both started their happy married life since :)

Blog by - Ankit Khurana (The Groom)

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