How to Choose the Best Pre Wedding Location?

Planning a wedding can be arduous and overwhelming at the same time but the amount of time you need to spend on each thing is highly crucial. These two to three months can be chaotic and nerve-wracking. From buying jewelry to clothes to selecting the guest list, finalizing the wedding venue, and whatnot, all of it could be really tiresome. To take a break for the sake of love prior to the D-day, the couples anticipate having a pre-wedding photoshoot at a location that characterizes interest and the chemisity of the couple.


The craze for a pre-wedding photoshoot has been increasing steadily over the past few years, many more couples are thronging to their best locations to celebrate their love. The best part for this pre-wedding is the selecting the best pre-wedding photographer who can shoot the best of your images that you can cherish for the decades to come.


Now the best part is how to choose the best wedding photographer. There is a plethora of content on the internet about the best pre-wedding locations but how to choose the best pre wedding location, no one tells you that. Even search engines fail to pull up the similar content on the web because of the lack of content on how to choose the best pre wedding location.


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However, at Nitin Arora Photography, we tell exactly how to choose the Best Pre Wedding Location for your Photoshoot. 


The catch here is the interest of a couple, what kind of person are you? What's your partner like? Is he/she a nature lover or a fun loving person? Is the person you love adventurous or does she adore calmness? These are the questions that you must be able to answer before selecting any pre-wedding photoshoot location. 


There Are different types of locations that can sit according to taste and character or your nature, so you must be able to filter your likings and create a list of places that you think suits your personality as a couple.


At Nitin Arora Photography, we always ask the right questions, before a couple decides their location for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Here’s how we help them select the best pre-wedding location:


Question 1:

"What Kind Of Person Are You?"


There are a number of places that can fit your nature, so you should know what kind of person you are before you should look for the pre-wedding photoshoot locations. Are you a fun loving person and how would you define the nature of your spouse-to-be?


For all the fun loving people, who want to experience an adventurous journey on their pre-wedding photoshoot must choose a location where they can have fun. 


Fun plans for a pre-wedding photoshoot: Goa & Kerala.

  • Sail Away on a Boat
  • A Dive Underwater for love  
  • Amuse your love in an amusement park


Question 2:

"Do You Love Nature?"


What can be a better place than Kashmir, Ladakh, Shimla and Kerala for a beautiful adventurous trip. 


You could go hiking, mountaineering, mountain biking, climbing and camping. Ladakh can be the perfect place if you’re in love with freshwater bodies and lakes surrounded with sandy and rocky dunes. 


Question 3:

"Do You Love Beaches?"


Nothing is more romantic than walking by the shore of a beach during the sunset with your beloved. Get some gorgeous photographs clicked by your pre wedding photographer on beaches.  

  • Goa, 
  • Gokarna, Karnataka
  • Marari, Kerala
  • Havelock, Andaman


These are some of the best beaches to have your pre wedding photoshoot. Else, you can also try Maldives for a scenic beach photoshoot. 


You can always look for the places according to your nature and get your pre-wedding photoshoot done. If you’re looking for a pre-wedding photographer then look no further, we at Nitin Arora Photography help you with all kinds of photography at affordable prices. Connect with us for more details.


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