How to Get Wedding Photography Clients? Nitin Arora

Whether you’re starting out as a wedding photographer or you’re a pro at it, at some point in time, we all need some refreshing ideas to create a unique example as a brand. Success in the wedding industry comes only after you overcome the hardest challenges and stand our from the crowd. However, what remains one of the biggest challenges for wedding photographers is getting clients to keep their business afloat. 

In this article Nitin Arora Photography will share the most credible tips to getting more bookings as a Wedding Photographer. 


Amazing Tips to Attract Wedding Photography Clients


1. Define Your Style

As a wedding photographer, you must have a clear understanding and vision of yourself. Ask yourself, where exactly do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Are you inclined to Destination Wedding Photographer? Do you see yourself as a Candid Wedding Photographer? What kind of skills or style do you have? Knowing what your style interests you always makes sure you get the right clients. 


2. Have your own Website

If you learnt nothing from the recent outbreak of coronavirus-induced lockdown, I am pretty sure, at least you might understand the importance of having an online presence, right? Having your website gives you an edge over your competitors and sets you apart from the crowd. Do Read Things Wedding Photographers Can Learn From The Outbreak.

As you have the website, you’ll be able to update your portfolio instantly, new projects, photos and videos easily. Creating a free Google My Business account will help you get more people to notice your website. This way you’ll get more and more people visiting your business and increase the chances of getting more bookings.  


3. Networking

Don’t ever think the wedding is a one-time affair and once it’s gone, it’s over. No. If you have some clients, make sure to keep in touch with them. Send them wishes on their anniversaries, give them photographs you’ve clicked - this way you’ll be able to stay in touch with them. These are people who can spread out a word for you. 

You can always ask them if any one in their family or friends is getting married. This way you can always get more bookings. 


4. Market Your Business 

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There are several photography vendor websites where you can register yourself as one of the best wedding photographers (or as per your niche). This will give your business more attraction and will help your land more potential clients. At least, it will increase your visibility as a brand and help you get more and more people visiting your website, eventually improving your organic growth. 


5. Social Media (Instagram)

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As Linkedin is to Professionals seeking jobs, Instagram is to photographers. Instagram is one of the most famous platforms for Photographers to showcase their portfolio, get more visitors and eventually the clients. 

On Instagram, you can always publish your latest pictures, ask your clients to follow your page and this way you can get more followers to your account. This way you’ll have a great presence and visibility online, therefore, making it easier for you to get more Wedding Photography Clients. 


Here’s how you improve your presence on instagram

  • Be authentic, true to yourself and consistent
  • Find your audience. 
  • Post your original content daily 
  • Use carousel posts to make it attractive
  • Understand the impact of video content
  • Keep your stories updated
  • Share your expertise
  • Partner with brands you can benefit from
  • Create meaningful personal connections

Keep these tips in mind to create a stunning online presence and the biggest Indian Wedding Photography clients instantly. This is not easy but it isn’t impossible. Let’s know what you think in the comments below. Drop your questions, tips or queries, and I’ll be happy to answer them all.


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