A Wedding Photographer guide on how to look good in your pictures

Guide to good looks for your Wedding pictures - Nitin Arora Photography

A wedding is one of the biggest and the most precious day for every groom and bride. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in life and a day, which is unforgettable for them. For this big day, they need the best of everything. Be it the location or the catering. The smallest detail is also given the most importance.

Wedding Photographers guide

To capture this day, the groom and the bride need a Professional Wedding Photographer, this wedding photographer will capture for them a memory of a lifetime. These pictures will be shown to everybody and will mark the beginning of a new yet different life altogether.
The wedding photographer’s job is to make everything and everybody look good through their camera lens. But how does that happen perfectly every single time?
Here’s a wedding photographer’s guide on how to look good in your wedding pictures:

1. Keep your smile natural and your face relaxed – One of the most difficult things for a wedding photographer to explain to their clients is, that they get it how tiring smiling every time can get, especially when you don’t feel like smiling, the trick here is to smile simply or smile with your eyes. Smiling doesn’t always mean showing your teeth, you can engage with the camera even if you have that spark in your eye. A wedding photographer also understands, how with all that makeup on, the brides feel even more tired. All the bride has to do is relax the face a little, just shut your eyes for 5 minutes and that will make you feel calm and you’ll feel good about a photography session.


Wedding Photographers guide


2. Research and be prepared – Ask your wedding photographer for what poses will look good on you. When you have an idea of the pose and the settings around, it’s a lot easier for the wedding photographer to capture it and you also get time to practice the poses. When you know exactly how you want to look and your location/settings around, your pictures come out great. When you get pictures clicked randomly, you are trying more of a hit and trial technique, which means you waste time, energy and there’s no surety of how your pictures come out.


Wedding Photographers guide


3. Get a good night's sleep- while a photographer can make everything look pretty, he cannot edit a tired face to look like a happy one. This is something which will show up as much as you try to hide it. So, be sure to sleep well before the big day.

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Wedding Photographers guide


4. Choose your make up artist and hairstylist wisely- The happy face makes for a perfect wedding picture, however, the makeup and the hairstyle also matter. The bride and the groom must ensure that their look is being transformed fine in a photograph as well. Spend some time researching and observing the work of the makeup artist you wish to choose for your wedding day in order to make a correct and wise choice.


Wedding Photographer’s guide

These were a few guidelines on how to look good in your wedding pictures. We hope these help you and work for you!

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