How to Plan an Everlasting photo-worthy wedding

              Planning a Photo-worthy wedding was never this easy!

If your engagement hangover is cured then we would like to remind you that you have a wedding to look forward to. Now we know you want to look your best and most importantly your photos look the best. But don't worry, we have got your back. In order to get the most photo-worthy wedding photographs, all you have to do is follow these tips given below from Nitin Arora Photography.

Unlike the old times, social media is the king now. And you sure don't want to look shabby in front of the king when the whole world is watching you. Well, even if it's a dreamy couple photoshoot or an all-girls photoshoot with your closest of friends, you have to look your best in your wedding photos. And why not? You are already putting so much of your time, effort and money in planning your dream wedding that it is your right to ask for some photo-worthy wedding pictures that can be cherished forever. 

Here are some of the basic points from the Nitin Arora Photography team on how to plan a photo-worthy wedding within your budget.

1. Deciding a Theme

We know! You had already thought of this but didn’t know if everyone will be okay with it or not. Well, we would like to tell you that you should definitely go for it. The idea in itself is amazing. It’s your wedding and you can decide whatever theme you want for the wedding. This is the time when you get to be creative. You can go for vintage style theme, floral theme or a sci-fi theme (maybe not this one).


candid wedding

wedding photographer

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2. Going Traditional way

Wearing traditional attire and getting married in a royal palace can really make for some amazing wedding photographs. With the golden backdrop and glittery fountains in the back, your wedding photos will surely give the “Maharaja” feels. If you want, you can also add camels or elephants in the background.

destination wedding

3. Elegance and Suave:

When it comes to capturing photo-worthy wedding pictures, there’s one thing you can always go for. It is showcasing elegance and luxury through designer jewelry and glamorous dress. If your wedding theme is different, then it will also give you a chance to enjoy doing a photoshoot, wearing the things you know you will equally look good in and will bring those royalty feels to your wedding pictures.


wedding decor

Wedding decoration

4. Destination:

A destination wedding can up your photo-worthy wedding photography game. The reason why so many people opt for a destination wedding is that they are the best! Just choose the location where you want to spend time with your loved ones and really want to tie the knot at that location only. A destination wedding is also a great way to create memories.


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5. Get Creative

This one is pretty obvious. If you want a photo-worthy wedding then you get to decide how you want your photos to look like. It is all about doing some research and just go with the one that you think is best for you. In order to get the best ideas, you can utilize social media websites such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. These platforms will provide you with the most amazing ideas for your photo-worthy wedding photoshoot. Moreover, you can also talk to your wedding photographer and take his help in making the decision.

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