Ideas For Lovely Candid Wedding Photographs

When it comes to big moments of our lives, Nitin Arora Photography always want to capture them and keep them alive, relive them again and again for years to come. Similarly, a wedding is one of the most sacred and the most important event for a couple, who surely would like to hire a Professional Wedding Photographer who can pull off stunning clicks on their d-day. 

Since it is a once-in-a-lifetime event, there is a lot of excitement and bliss but at the same time a lot of pressure. However, for a Professional Photographer, it should not be impossible to capture these cherishable moments. Given the aura of a wedding celebration, most people look for a candid wedding photographer who can capture these moments candidly and perfectly. 

Whether you are a photographer or a couple, looking for lovely candid wedding photography and tips, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we tell you the best moments that should certainly be captured by a photographer at a couple’s wedding. 

Capturing The Essence

The main thing about wedding photographer is to capture the essence of a particular moment. It should be quite evident from the photograph itself and should speak the tale behind it. For instance, if you are covering a wedding and all the ceremonies, there are a lot of instances when you’ll have the opportunity to capture the best candid shots. From Sangeet to the Haldi ceremony, you can capture a plethora of pictures. 

candid wedding photographs

Tell A Story

As a photographer, you need to make sure that every shot must speak for itself. I should be able to engage the viewer and give him/her a broader perspective about the happenings. The environment, the aura, and the tears of happiness or emotions. Capture to unfold the reality.

candid wedding photos

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Capture Fun Moments

There are so many instances at a wedding ceremony when everyone rolls on the floor laughing and that’s the best shot you have got. Capture all the cheerful moments because some years down the line, these are the moments that will bring smiles to their faces and they will relish and treasure them forever. 

bride candid photography

wedding candid pics

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Capture Random Romantic Moments

You really can’t let go of the romantic moments of a couple. Don’t shy away from capturing those stunning yet intimate moments of a couple. These moments bring a twist to the whole wedding album, adds an additional zing of emotion and empathy. 

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Capture the Family bond

When it comes to a family bond, it is the one thing that says a lot about love, joy, and togetherness. On a wedding day, there are moments, which clearly depict the love and the affection that person has for a couple or mostly for the bride. Capture the shots that are emotional, full of love and lavishness. 

candid pics of wedding

candid marriage photos

unposed wedding photography

pre wedding candid photography

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