Impact of Corona Virus on Photographers

The Coronavirus outbreak has given rise to lots of concerns that are affecting our day-to-day life. Whether it is our interaction with the world or it is a business, everything has come to a halt. The pandemic has forced us to stay in our houses and making us witness the fall of different sectors like hospitality, travel, etc.

impact of corona virus on photographer

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But the question is what the impact of COVID-19 on Photographers is?

Well for starters, there’s going to be a dip in the customers as more and more people are practicing social distancing and isolating themselves in their houses. And with the arrival COVID-19, the demand for a Professional Photographer is on the decline. In such times of economic recession and the falling stock market, the photography industry has also taken a big hit.
Currently, the big photographers aren’t facing as much impact because they are still in demand somewhere but many photographers have no source revenue left and are opting to take out their savings to feed themselves and their families.
Low Budget, Low Income

wedding photography in lockdown

Seeing the current scenario and many examples, clients are reducing their budgets for the photoshoots. Whether it is a wedding or corporate headshots. Clients are either postponing it or reducing their budget to practice social distancing and save themselves from getting infected. And since it looks like the world has come to a stop, people are in no hurry to organize events or get clicked for something.
This has led to a decline in work for photographers. But the situation is still better than that of other businesses as a photographer can always tackle the decline in revenue by scaling back the cost. This is the flexibility that comes with photography.

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what wedding photographer are doing in lockdown?

What can a Photographer Do?

If you are wondering what you can do in this situation then let us tell you that there’s a lot for you. Photography isn’t all about clicking pictures right? You have to create a brand for yourself so that you can stand out among the competition. The best part is that times are in your favor. Right now, everyone is active on their phones, scrolling through the internet. So it is the perfect time to promote your business and gain rope in some potential customers.

Here are some of the ways to do that –

1. Improve your portfolio website
2. Increase social media activity and engagement
3. Put some time in improving website ranking through SEO
4. Concentrate your effort on advertisements
5. Learn some new skills

wedding photography in covid 19Impact Of Covid Vaccine On Wedding Industry In 2021

This might look like a time where you can just sleep all day or binge on Netflix, but it is truly the time to lift your business before things worsen. Also, keep the faith as times will improve but make sure that you are ready for whatever comes. If you want to stay relevant as a photographer, make sure that you practice safety measures while doing photoshoots. Firstly, try to sanitize your hands before starting your photoshoot. Also, avoid any physical contact with your subject. If you think that you might sneeze or cough, wear a mask during and after the photoshoot. At the end of the day, it is all about being safe and avoiding any hysteria or panic. If you have any other queries related to COVID-19 or want to book a safe photoshoot, contact us at Nitin Arora Photography.

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