Interview: Importance Of Wedding Planners And Photographers In An Indian Wedding

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Weddings are one of the most important and sacred occasions where two people vow to be with each other for the rest of their lives. This day stands as the testimony of their love and pureness. 


No doubt, this day is overwhelming for the couple coming together to tie the knot however it could be arduous for a wedding planner to get it right. Wedding planners are responsible for making the couples’ dream day come to life. In this blog, we try to unravel some important questions about wedding planning and Indian Wedding Photography.  



At Nitin Arora Photography, we spoke to some experienced wedding planners who outlined strongly how important a wedding planner is for organizing a successful Indian wedding. In this interview, we also cover the importance of a wedding planner and wedding photographer relationship, so let’s dive in. 


Following Questions were asked to Wedding Planners:

1. Importance of Wedding Planners in Indian Weddings

2. Importance of Wedding Planners Network

3. Relationship of Wedding Planners and Wedding Photographers

4. Relationship of Wedding Planners and Couple



We spoke to industry expert Kaveri Vij, Co-Founder & Chief Dreamer, Designer Events Inc, and Shikha Chauhan who’s the co-founder at Baraati Inc. 


Question 1:

"How Are Wedding Planners Important To Weddings In India?"


Weddings are an important affair and you need an expert to plan it out. Kaveri sternly points out that most people have this “misconception that hiring a wedding planner is expensive” when it actually is otherwise. A wedding planner, with a lot of expertise, helps couples to save a lot of money. They come up with a solution that can bridge the gap by suggesting alternative ways of doing things - that are neither vague nor unaffordable. Shikha adds that a wedding planner is an “extended arm” of a couple, who align everything from Venue to Vidaai.


She also said that wedding planners can help couples save money, and keep them updated with the latest trends and all the possible pros and cons. 


In fact, people don’t realize that an inexperienced person organizing a wedding may end up spending more than a wedding planner - because, Kaveri points out, they purchase wedding stuff for the first time while a wedding planner does it on a daily basis, which could prove highly beneficial for a couple - hence end up saving money!



Question 2:

"How Important Is The Network For A Wedding Planner? How Does It Help Your Client?"


Kaveri: “I like to define a wedding planner [as] the director of a movie. I always say that a wedding planner is the Karan Johar of people’s life, you plan the most important day of a couple's life.”


“But you can’t do it alone, you need a network of trusted people, the real players behind your back (I call them ‘A team’), who’ll help you execute the plans on the D-day,” continues Kaveri. Caterers, photographers, and other team members are the ones who help you up your game to deliver the best. But how does your network of vendors and venues help your clients? 


The network of wedding planners with vendors and venues is crucial in planning a successful and budget wedding, professes both the planners. 


However, Shikha validates the point that ‘When you work with several vendors in your industry, you kind of know in and out of your wide network, which helps you to crack the best deals for your client according to their budget. It also plays an important role in suggesting alternatives.’



Question 3:

"How Important Is The Relationship Between Wedding Planner And Wedding Photographer?"


“Supremely important,” emphasis Shikha. When the wedding gets over, the festooned banquet hall gets evacuated, the wedding dresses are taken away but what remains is the memory that’s captured in the form of photographs. 


Shikha: The relationship between a photographer and the wedding is “very important, and it is also the responsibility of a planner to share every detail with the team of photographers.” From sharing the timeline of the shoot with the bride/groom to lighting, it’s highly important that both the wedding planner and the photographer are on the same page so that “what’s planned with the families is captured in a way that even the couple’s grandchildren relive the memories captured in photography and see the beauty of all of it.”


Kaveri talks about the 2Cs when it comes to a relationship with a photographer. She believes “it is the connection more than a relationship and the vibe you share with the photographer.” And secondly, she says it’s highly important for both the planner and the photographer to communicate. “Since they both [planner and the photographer] share the personal space of the couple a lot, they need to communicate well with each other to remain on the same page. If they are in sync, the results are marvelous,” says Kaveri.

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Question 4:

"How Would You Describe The Relationship Between Wedding Planner And Couple Getting Married?"


Kaveri defines it in one word and calls it “family.” She personally believes that “a successful wedding planner is the one who can build a close relationship with the bride or the groom in order to help them create the wedding of their dreams.” She also notes that “if they don’t rely on you, then you can’t be their wedding planner, because the core of it lies in trust between you and the bride/groom.” If they [bride/groom] trust you, they’ll share their stories with you, which you can incorporate into the wedding planning the most personalized experience for the couple.


Shikha agrees with Kaveri and says, “It is so important that the personality of the couple reflects in their wedding, it can not just be a copy-paste of any other wedding.” On asking how wedding planners create personalized weddings, Shikha said: “For us, the first step is to know the couple individually, for which we have proper questionnaires drafted that are sent to them [the couple] before we kick start the planning process.”



If you were confused about whether to hire a wedding planner, I’m sure this interview with award-winning industry experts has cleared some air for you. Having a wedding planner and a photographer is highly important for a memorable wedding - one helps you plan it out and another helps you capture it for you - so that you treasure these memories for the decades to come. We at Nitin Arora Photography endeavor to capture your memories in a way that you can relive these moments again and again. Our professional team of wedding photographers makes sure every detail is captured with perfection and candidness. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer, drop us an email, we’ll tell you how our skills and experience can help you create a magnificent wedding memory with our photographs!


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