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"A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever"


Once your wedding is over, your dress will be packed away, flowers and decorations will be gone but there’s only one thing that will remain with you and that’s your wedding photos filled with beautiful memories. These images and memories are gonna stay with you forever and be a part of your legacy. 


No doubt, the millennials are tech-savvy and like to keep everything on cloud-based storage but the feeling of flipping through the papers and photo albums is something that’ll be unique and fulfilling. 


In This Blog, You'll Get To Know Following 5 Reasons Why Wedding Albums and Coffee Table Books Are Important:

1. Refreshes Your Memories

2. Printed Wedding Photos

3. Wedding Albums Feels Nostaglic

4. Family Legacy

5. Testimony Of Your Love

6. Festoon Your Walls


If you’re wondering whether you must have a physical copy of your Candid Wedding Photographs, this is the right read for you! Before writing this blog, I spoke to a few clients and discussed with them the importance of having wedding albums. Here I’m sharing what they say about the importance of wedding albums. 



Importance Of Wedding Albums


01  "Refreshes Your Memories"

When I was young, says Ravi, I would go through my parent’s wedding albums every now and then, take out some pictures and show them to my friends the next in my school. It was so exciting to look at these wedding pictures as if I was literally there. It makes the scene so clear and vivid, you eventually feel thrilled and satisfied. After I got married, I mentioned to the photographer very clearly that I need a coffee table album of my wedding photos. Somewhere I knew that it’s the only thing that will help me relive my memories again and again. Even today, when I sit with my wife and we look at these images, it looks like yesterday, such is the power of these visuals. 


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02  "Wedding Photos Are Meant To Be Printed"

What if you win a trophy and you’re given just the digital photo of the trophy, how will you feel? You’d like to have a trophy that you can physically touch and feel and show to your friends and family, right? 

Similarly, wedding photos are meant to be printed not just saved in your phone memory. Sure, you must keep soft copies of your wedding photos but that’s not enough. You can’t rely totally on your digital copies. What if your hard drive gets crashed, you accidentally delete photos from your cloud storage or drive, wouldn’t you regret it? But on the safer side, if you keep a wedding album also, you’ll be grateful if something happens to your digital copies. Book Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi.

And there are several ways to get your wedding album printed, whether you want a coffee table book or even the frames of your wedding photos, we at Nitin Arora Photography, Professional Wedding Photographer, can help you with the best and personalize coffee table book for your wedding.




03 "Wedding Album Makes Your Feel Nostalgic"

No matter how many times you scroll through your photo on your cell phone, you’ll never feel the same way as you would by flipping the photo in your wedding album. Imagine the moment when you saw a photo album of your friend or that of your parents or grandparent, how did you feel? And imagine the moment when you see a digital photo, does it evoke the same feel like the album does? No, they do not. A wedding album makes your memories treasurable. Book Best Candid Wedding Photographers In Delhi.




04 "Family Legacy"

You can not always trust technology, you don’t know how far it can hold your wedding photos. Having wedding albums is not just for you, but for your children and grandchildren. What if you have no wedding album to showcase to your children? 




05 "Testimony Of Your Love"

When you’re gone, everyone has to, there will be some memories you’ll leave behind and some of these memories will be in the form of wedding albums that would remind your loved ones of your love and your togetherness. Don’t rely on social media and technology, you never know what will happen tomorrow - as technology keeps changing, but what is always there is a physical copy of your photos. Have a lovely year of togetherness ahead!




06 "Festoon Your Walls"

To preserve your love even on paper, you can always create these coffee table books or paper print photos that you could display in your bedrooms or in your office or anywhere you like. Even if you’re thinking of giving your loved ones, these handmade paper print photos could also be the right choice - a personal touch is always preceded deeply.




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