Best Indian Wedding Photography Ideas & Styles Trending in 2021

If you compare today's wedding photography to the wedding photography back in the day, you might notice that the trends and fashion have brought a huge change in the industry. Nowadays wedding photography is nothing like traditional wedding photography that we were used to seeing. But eventually, just like everything else, Traditional wedding photography became monotonous and boring which led to more and more people in India to go for all the new trends in wedding photography like candid and pre wedding photography. And as all of these styles are accepted in India with open arms we are just going to address them as India Wedding Photography.

indian wedding photography ideas

India is a country that is known for its diverse culture and traditions. But another thing that India is famous for is its extravagant weddings. Indian weddings are a celebration that can even last for weeks. And both the bride and groom's families equally take part in it.

And as traditional wedding photography is out of the picture, most couples go for all these new and trendy photography styles that have taken social media by storm.So they search for Professional Wedding Photographer. But still, there are couples out there who want their wedding photography to be simple and classy. Hence they decide to go with traditional wedding photography only. However, wanting a traditional wedding shoot does not mean that you will get a monotonous shoot. The best wedding photographer can even make a traditional wedding shoot exciting and beautiful. 

nortth Indian Wedding Photography styles

And as we have said before, India is a land full of great culture and traditions, all the weddings that take place here are different and special in their own way. And that is why we here at Nitin Arora Photography are going to take you through some of the most fascinating bits of India Wedding Photography.

Types of India Weddings:

Before we dive into the realm of Indian wedding photography, we are going to tell you about some of the most popular cultural and traditional wedding styles.

Indian Weddings

We know that in India, we have the most culturally and traditionally driven weddings. And that is some that is so striking about our country. This rich culture and traditions are what makes our country different and helps it stand out.

1. Hindu Weddings

Hindu weddings are huge and always colorful. Indian people celebrate these weddings like festivals and they can surely remain festive for even weeks. The wedding is celebrated among loved ones with all the sacred cultures and traditions like Haldi, Mehendi which eventually leads to the wedding.

south Indian Wedding Photography Tips

2. Sikh Weddings

Sikh Weddings are different in their own way. The Ceremonies that are associated with the wedding can fo on for several days before and even after the wedding. Sikh Weddings are known for their pre wedding ceremonies. Some of the most famous rituals that are involved in a Sikh India Wedding are Sehra Bandi, Baraat, Milni, Anand Karaj, Lavaan Pheras and so one. These were the pre wedding rituals and there are also some post wedding rituals like Sadaa Suhagan, Doli and Vidaai, Reception among others. 

punjabi wedding photography
punjabi wedding couple photography

3. Muslim Weddings

The Nikah might take place months before the actual wedding. Which as per religion makes them man and wife. Apart from all the other things these ceremonies also include rituals like the Mangini, exchange of rings between the couple. Muslims celebrate the Manjha Ceremony that is similar to the Haldi ceremony that we all are familiar with. Other than this some pre wedding events that Muslims celebrate are Mehendi and Sanchaq. These events also include gifts that are sent to the bride from the groom and his family. Most people get confused with the concept of Nikah, And we are here to tell you that the Nikal is not the same as the wedding. The Nikah can take place weeks and even months before the wedding. And after the wedding, some of the post wedding events that are celebrated by Muslims are Rukhsat, Walimah, and other traditional rituals, which varies in traditions.


4. Christian Weddings

These weddings are kicked off when the bride walks down the aisle with her dad, towards the altar. And right after that, the priest reads the wedding vows of matrimony to the couple unless the couple has prepared their own vows. These weddings are known for their class and elegance. At these weddings, the bride usually dons a magnificent white gown and the grooms wear a black tuxedo or a suit. The pre wedding celebration of these weddings includes the much-anticipated bachelor and bachelorette parties. While these weddings are concluded by toasts and dance performances at the wedding reception.

christian wedding couple photography

indian couple photography


So let's get back to our tour of India Wedding Photography and let's start things off by knowing a little about:

An Indian Wedding Photographer

A photographer who is well versed with all the traditions, cultures and rituals that take place at an Indian wedding is known as an Indian wedding photographer. And due to the changing trends, Indian couples want a photographer at their wedding who is experienced with photography and can handle any style and trend of photography that the couple might wanna try at their wedding. Hence An Indian wedding photographer will always provide you with some of the best photography services and here are some following services that are provided by an Indian Wedding Photographer:
indian wedding photography


indian wedding photography

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Candid Wedding Photography

This is the photography style that has completely taken over the traditional wedding photography scene in India. People love this style of wedding photography as this is more of a natural approach and has an authentic feel to it. Another thing that is loved about these shoots is that candid wedding photographers do not disturb the subjects while taking their pictures. In fact, a candid wedding photographer tries to capture the subject at the moment. And this is the reason the photos from this shoot come out to be so natural as the best moments are made by going with the flow.

indian wedding photography

Best Indian Wedding Photography

When it comes to weddings, only the pictures and videos that were taken at the wedding can help you relive those happy moments even after years of the wedding. And as wedding photography and videography is so important, each and every couple wants nothing but the best Indian wedding photography for their wedding. And that is only possible if they hire the best wedding photographer. May it be your wedding shoot or your pre wedding shoot, the best wedding photographer in India will find a way to make the shoot look amazing.

best indian wedding photography

Pre Wedding Photography

From just a trend, pre wedding photography became a mandatory practice in no time. And this is due to the fact that couples really enjoy these photoshoots. And apart from anything, these shoots give the couple a chance to spend some quality time with each other. And yes! The couple goal pictures that come with the shoot are a total bonus. And not just that, there are many aspects to a pre wedding shoot that makes it a huge worldwide phenomenon.  

north indian wedding photography 2021

north indian wedding photography 2021

indian wedding photography 2021

indian wedding photo 2021

These shoots also help the couple form a report with the Indian wedding photographers that eventually help both the parties a lot at the time of the actual wedding. All you have to do is find the Best Indian Pre Wedding Photographer and he/she will take care of your whole photoshoot.

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South Indian Wedding Photography

This is another style of wedding photography that is very famous in India. You might know that there are different traditions and rituals involved in a south Indian wedding. Hence a couple in the south should always go for a south Indian wedding photographer as he/she will be able to cover the wedding in a much better way as he/she will already be familiar with the rituals and cultures. A south Indian wedding photographer might have already covered hundreds of south Indian weddings and be familiar with the process. This naturally results in better pictures of your wedding.

Sikh Wedding Photography

Just like South Indian Wedding photographers are experts in covering South Indian Weddings, Sikh Wedding Photographers are specialized in covering Sikh Weddings. Sikh weddings are a little different and due to this, a Sikh couple prefers to have a Sikh wedding photographer at their wedding rather than a generic one. These weddings usually take place at noon and that is the best time to take some vibrant and colourful pictures under that natural light of the sun. 

sikh wedding photo 2021

sikh wedding photography 2021

indian wedding photography 2021

Bridal Portrait Photography

Weddings are especially important events for a bride. A bride doesn't spend that much time and energy for something other than her wedding. And the bridal shoots are a way to appreciate everything about her. These portraits may be a part of wedding photography but they are nothing like them. These shoots more resemble fashion shoots. They happen 2-3 days before the wedding as there is not much time on the day of the wedding to squeeze in an entire photoshoot. And as these shoots happen before the wedding day, the bride gets a sneak peek of how she is going to look at the day if her wedding. Indian Bridal Portrait Photographers try and capture the beauty of the bride in the most elegant way.

indian wedding photography 2021

Brides who are camera conscious prefer to hire a candid wedding photographer for these shoots so that her bridal portrait looks authentic and is loved by everyone who sees it.

best indian wedding photography 2021 ideas

And as we have told you about all the genres of photography that are here in India, we are also going to answer an age old question.

How Much Indian Wedding Photography Costs?

Indian wedding photography has so countless styles and trends and an Indian Wedding Photographer who is specialized in all the styles might charge you differently for every style.

But we here at Nitin Arora Photography are highly inspired by Wedding and Fashion Photography and we here focus more on creativity and art. We here at Nitin Arora Photography charge only a justified amount for our photography services. And if you are someone who is looking for inspirations and ideas for your Big Fat Indian Wedding then go to our site Nitin Arora Photography.

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