7 Mistakes Couples Should Avoid While Hiring Wedding Photographer

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.

– Mignon McLaughlin


This marriage quote always sends shivers down my spine, it reminds me of the intensity one can have for a spouse, and a couple who are deep in love alway end up loving each other in every way possible. 


However, couples who decide to get married want to have the best of everything. To achieve the best one should be prepared for the challenge and must know what mistakes to avoid. In this Blog, we’ll walk you through 7 Mistakes you as a Couple should Avoid while Hiring Professional Wedding Photographer. Since you’d like to have your memories captured, you would need to Hire the Professional Wedding Photographer.


To Make Sure You Hire The Right Wedding Photographer, You Must Avoid Following 7 Mistakes: 

1. Hiring Wedding Photographer At Last Moment

2. Hiring Wedding Photographer Just Based On Reference

3. Not Introducing Photographer To The Family

4. Avoid Choosing Quantity Over Quality

5. Hiring Different Photographer For Your Multiple Events

6. Not Talking About Requirements

7. Not Signing Contract



7 Mistakes To Be Avoided While Hiring Wedding Photographer



01 "Hiring Wedding Photographer At Last Moment"

The wedding is such an important and hectic celebration that no matter how much time you have had planning the event, there always seems to be millions of things yet to be done. From selecting a venue to hiring caterers to go shopping, there are certain things that don’t even cross your mind until you need them in execution. Similarly, hiring a wedding photographer at the last moment is what you should avoid. It is highly possible that you end up hiring a Less Professional Photographer at a cost that can get you a pro team.

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02 "Hiring Wedding Photographer Just Based On Reference" 

Every Wedding Photographer has a unique style, which means if you select a photographer just based on a reference, you may not like the photographs he’ll pull off. So, it is highly important to go through the portfolio of a photographer before actually Hiring them for your Wedding. Remember none but only you can make the best decisions for your Indian Wedding Photography




03 "Not Introducing Photographer To The Family"

It is highly important for a couple to meet the photographer they hire and introduce them to your family members so that the wedding photographer has an idea of what and whom to photograph. One, it will give you an idea about the professional attitude of the photographer and two, he’ll know the important people to focus on the wedding day.

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04 "Avoid Choosing Quantity Over Quality"

One should not compromise quality when it comes to the biggest celebration of our life. It is highly important for couples to understand their requirements and also how to best use the Budget for Wedding Photography. It is not always hiring a photographer who’s within your budget, it is about choosing the best wedding photographer who can shoot high-quality pictures even if he’s there for limited hours. 




05 "Hiring Different Photographer For Your Multiple Events"

For Indian weddings that even stretch to a week, you must understand there are several pre and post-wedding ceremonies where we feel the need to hire a photographer, make sure you hire one photographer who covers all your events. Hiring different photographers for different events can be a little tricky and it’ll take you a lot of time to understand their new style and get comfortable with them. 




06 "Not Talking About Your Requirements"

Your style is important. Do you want your photographer to take just the Candid Wedding Photographs? Or just the Videos or Both? Make sure you know all the requirements you have from your end. Discuss them with your wedding photographer before actually signing the contract.

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07 "Not Signing Contract"

When you’re dealing with something professional, you must ensure all the professional priorities are meant before actually proceeding any further. Both couples and photographers must ensure a contract is signed that entails the details of the work, the pricing, and the deliverables. It will nullify the chance of unprofessional behavior and other ambiguities that may arise. 




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