Top 6 Mistakes to be Avoided While Hiring A Pre Wedding Photographer.

A pre wedding shoot is a salient part of a couple's life. So they should do everything in their power to make the shoot even more special.

One of the primary obligations of such photoshoots is to hire an ideal pre wedding photographer. As the better, the photographer, the better the couple's pre wedding shoot is going to be.


But let's be honest, we all are bound to make mistakes as most of us are not experts when it comes to choosing an ultimate photographer for our pre wedding. Hence, we, here at Nitin Arora Photography are here to tell you about 6 mistakes that you should definitely avoid while hiring a pre wedding photographer:


  • Hiring a Photographer Last Minute

Most of the last-minute decisions are impulsive and not well thought through. So, you should never wait to choose the pre wedding photographer until the last minute. Because when you hire a photographer this way, you have no time to get a background check. It takes time to judge a photographer's skills and creativity. Hence, it is always advised to hire a pre wedding photographer at least a week before the shoot.

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  • Calling a friend with a DSLR

We have seen many couples do this, and the results are always disastrous. A DSLR is a very popular possession nowadays and having one doesn't make someone a photographer. It is the years of hard work and experience that gives photographers that title. A pre wedding shoot done by your friend is just going to shatter all your expectations that you have been building up by spending all that time on Instagram. 


  • Cut the budget for the pre wedding shoot

Most of the time, people don't value the pre wedding shoot much. Due to which they refrain from spending time and resources on it. But trust us when we tell you that the pre wedding is one of those moments from your wedding phase that you, as a couple, are going to cherish forever. So, rather than going for a cheap pre wedding photographer, choose someone who fits your budget. 

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  • Not meeting the photographer in person

You might have already seen the photographer's portfolio online, but you have to meet him/her in person. Meeting someone is the best way to understand their talents and skills, and the same goes for photographers. While talking to the photographer's face to face, you can ask all the wedding photography queries that you have been sitting for a while. By this, you can also tell if the photographer is confident for the pre wedding shoot or not, because apart from being experienced and artistic, a photographer also needs to be confident.

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  • Not hiring the same photographer for your wedding

This is also not one of the best ideas to hire a different photographer for your wedding day. As if you hire a different photographer for your wedding shoot, you and the photographer will lack the basic understanding that is usually formed at the time of a pre wedding shoot. When you get all your shoots done by the same photographer, it prepares him/her for the wedding. And this ends up is a way better wedding photography results.


  • Not signing a legal document

When you hire a professional pre wedding photographer, there is always legal documentation involved. But a lot of times, because of the overwhelming wedding pressure, couples forget about the documentation part. Signing a legal document can save you from a lot of disagreement or conflicts in the future.

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These were some of the mistakes that you should avoid while hiring a wedding photographer for your pre wedding shoot as well as wedding photography. We here at Nitin Arora Photography have been in the business for many years and have made fashion and wedding photography our strengths. So if you are looking for ideas and inspirations for your pre wedding and wedding shoots, you can go and check out some of our latest work at Nitin Arora Photography.

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