Must have Family Photographs On Your Wedding Day

Looks like the Wedding bells are ringing for you or someone you know, so right of the bat Congratulations! 

Weddings are life-altering, once in a lifetime (hopefully, fingers crossed!) occasions in one’s life. It is after this day that you have to share your bed, your room, your food and ultimately your life with your better half and you have a bag full of memories from all the dance, music, festivities, rituals, friends, family and smiles. 

Must have family photographs on wedding

Memories, as we know them as finite. Today they are fresh in your mind and tomorrow they might be distant. So what do you do in order to make these memories last an eternity? Capture snippets of them in the viewfinder of a camera. 

Photographs and albums are an important part of someone’s marriage, although they don’t play a part in the actual marriage, they act as instruments of remembrance of this auspicious moment and lets you relive these moments. 

Must have family photographs on wedding

As it is popularly known in the Indian culture, A marriage ceremony does not occur just between the bride and groom but is also the union of two families. Therefore it is important that while the focal point is the couple, their families are not ignored. 

The best way to immortalize this union is by getting family photographs clicked on the wedding. Here are MUST have family photographs on your wedding day: 

1. With Your Parents:

Parents are everything. Just as exciting the wedding is for the bride and groom, their parents have been anxiously anticipating this moment in their precious children’s lives from years together. 


Must have family photographs on wedding day


The first family photo that must be clicked is the bride and groom with their parents followed by them posing with their other halves parents. Then, the couple must get individually photographed with both the parents and to finish it off, a group photo with parents from both sides along either side of the couple. 

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2. With Your Bridesmaid and Groomsmen:

Cousins, distant or close, play a pivotal role in our development. It is an absolute must to get good pictures clicked with them.


Must have family photographs on weddingBook The Best Wedding Photographer In Delhi


Following trends, the bride can pose with her bridal party and her brothers.  The groom can pose with the groomsmen and his sisters. Finally a beautiful picture of all the cousins from both the sides along with the bride and groom. 

3. With The Whole Family:


Must have family photographs on wedding


It is no secret that Indian families are huge in number. To commemorate this special occasion it is natural that everyone wants to click a whole family picture.Get multiple pictures clicked with the whole family in different layouts.

must have family photographs on your wedding


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