Natasha and Derek || A Cross-Culture Bonding!!

Natasha and Derek || A Cross-Culture Bonding!!

We the Nitin Arora Photography team Professional Wedding Photographer shoot a lot of weddings, but some of those weddings that we shoot are so special that even we remember them for the years to come. Natasha and Derek’s wedding was surely one of those weddings.

Like most couples, Natasha and Derek wanted nothing less than the Best Wedding Photographer for their wedding. And when we showed them our work, the couple was happy to realize that they were at the right place.

The wedding took place in Gurugram. And it was a wedding that smashed all the stereotypes, as the groom, Derek and his family were not from India. And even after this, the wedding happened with all the proper ceremonies and rituals.

The wedding happened under the pleasing sun of February. And it wasn't just the wedding, we also covered the bride’s Mehendi ceremony.

It was priceless to see the smiles on both the family member’s faces as they were all so happy for the coming together of Natasha and Derek and the new life that they were going to start together.

And after the wedding, the couple had planned a gorgeous reception. Even though Derek’s family members were not familiar with the Indian traditions, we couldn't tell them apart from the Bride’s family. Both the families blended together so well in the spirit of happiness. Both the families had a blast. And even if any were any cultural differences left, the dance floor at the reception took care of it. Both the families including the bride and the groom has a great time dancing and celebrating to the Bollywood tunes.

And we at the Nitin Arora Photography gave our best to capture all the joyous and Candid Moments of Natasha and Derek’s wedding as they were. Because we at Nitin Arora Photography are a passion-driven team of professional photographers and Cinematographers.

And we wish Natasha and Derek that May the love they share today grow stronger as they grow old together.

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