Our Experience Of Shooting First Wedding After The Lockdown

It’s a blessing that the lockdown has eased and things have started taking pace again. With countless businesses scratching their heads, looking for different ways to work from indoors to keep their business afloat, authorities are easing the lockdowns to ensure smooth businesses resumption. 

It was really very difficult to resume businesses that too in a crowd of fifty members when the COVID19 Positive cases were raising unstoppably. The new-normal trends have taken pace in covering weddings, and to keep up, photographers need to get used to them before it is too late.

In this blog, we will share a brief experience of shooting our first wedding after the lockdown in the coronavirus-era. 


It was hilarious and at the same time worrying!

Hilarious, because people attending the wedding (from our clients’ side) expected us to follow all the precautions while covering the event, however, forgot themselves to keep up with the norms. It was hilarious to see people not even wearing masks, and those who did were doing it for the sake of pictures (#WeddingInCOVID). 

Indian weddings are celebrated with a full swing, no matter how dire the consequences could be, and forget that the world is facing a serious health crisis at the moment. Some people even show off that they are maintaining a proper distance with masks on their faces but when DJ and musicians pull some chords, they hit the dance floor with zest (with elders dancing to the beats by their side).

Nonetheless, it was worrying at the same time. Because a wedding is no doubt a family event and it is highly likely that elders are present in each and every ceremony. With people around them not following the precautions, it becomes worrying that they are defying health measures and endangering their own lives and of those around them.

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Carelessness From The Hotel Staff

The government had allowed a gathering of 50 members in a wedding ceremony, but not all the hotels (even the leading ones in India) are following these guidelines properly. Not to name the hotel, we were very much disappointed by the way they were treating the guests. No proper health checks, no guidelines being followed by the hotel staff, and the rooms were not properly sanitized. 

We didn’t sleep in our allotted rooms in the hotel, we preferred traveling back home for the night. 

Same Negligence At The Venue

No proper sanitization of the wedding venue. And to your surprise, the wedding venue (which was a banquet hall) wrapped up 9 weddings in just three days - and no one could raise questions against it.

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No One Is Taking It Seriously

There are very few people who take these precautions seriously. It is true that people always say “Jo Hoga Dekha Jaye ga" (we’ll see whatever happens). 

Caution: It may apply for those who have a wedding event for a day but not for us (photographers, event planners, managers, etc) who need to take care of other weddings as well. So, it becomes inevitable for us to strictly take precautionary measures seriously. No matter if you look like a black sheep in the wedding event, remember you are not doing it just for yourself but for the people around you and the colleagues you are working with, and the clients you are working for.

We at Nitin Arora Photography advise you to wear masks and follow the measure to contain the prevent of COVID-19.

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