How Should Photographers Deal With The Lockdown Due To COVID-19

After getting all of their events canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak, most photographers are thinking of ways through which they can make this time productive and fruitful. And there are various things that you can do, without stepping out of your house, that will eventually help you with your photography business.
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Hence if you are a Professional Photographer who is fishing for ideas on what you should do while sitting at home during this countrywide lockdown,

Here are some of the best and most productive activities :

1. Learn about Digital and Social Media Marketing-

This is a great way of being productive even after staying at home. Through Social Media and Digital Marketing, you can create a brand image for yourself. You can learn about various strategies that can help you grow your business. By this, you can create a good social media presence and get a good amount of followers.

How Should Photographers Deal With The Lockdown Due To COVID-19 
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2. Improve your Video Editing Skills-

As you are a photographer, chances are that you are already amazing at video editing. But as photography and videography are art forms, you can never fully learn everything about them. By learning new ways to edit you can find out what kind of video edits are people like these days. And with this, you can only better your video editing skills.

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how should photographer do in lockdown3. Discover new ways to Retouch Photos-

This is a must as by giving this time to look at some informative youtube videos, you can learn a lot of tips and tricks that can make your photo editing experience seamless. You can get presets and other editing software to help you at the time of editing. 

How Should Photographers Deal With The Lockdown Due To COVID-19
how to handle photography business in lockdown
The Immediate Effect Of Coronavirus On Photographers

4. Understand Color Grading-

Alongside retouching, you need to color grade your pictures in order to make them more realistic. Some good work of Image Grading can make your Pictures look amazing. Some software that you can use to color grade your photos are Capture One, Infinite Color Panel, and Retouching Toolkit.

Photographers Deal With The Lockdown Due To COVID-19
5. Do Client Research-

This is like market research for you. Through this, you can find out what all trends and fashionable photography your clients are into. During this time you can also prepare yourself with all new ideas and inspirations i.e. a new perspective towards photography.

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6. Regularly Talk to your Clients-

No matter what, you should never avoid your clients. Talk to the people who just canceled their events like pre wedding photography etc. so that when they plan the event again they surely come to you. But if you don't talk to them, then it will just give them the impression that you have lost interest in their event and they will contact some other photographer. Hence to not let any of your clients go, you have to contact them regularly. 

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7. Work on Personal Projects-

While dealing with clients, many photographers forget about their own personal projects. This is the best time to go back to them as they give you a sense of satisfaction on completion.

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Hence these were some tips through which you can tackle the blues of this lockdown. And if you are someone who is looking for some ideas and inspirations for a wedding shoot, then you can go to our site Nitin Arora Photography.

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