5 Places You Can Visit On Your Honeymoon Despite Covid 19

Indian weddings are a sight to behold. With pompous celebrations and extravagant outfits, weddings in India are no less than any festival. The union of two souls for not just one lifetime but seven lifetimes to come is the most important milestone in anyone’s life. 



Preparations for this special day starts months prior to the day set to tie the knot. The bride and groom get busy with several tasks such as the selection of attire, wedding venue and menu, guest list, invitations and so on, the list is endless. After spending hours and days together in tiring yet beautiful and heartwarming rituals like Haldi, sangeet and Mehendi before finally taking the holy vows(Phere) in the presence of the heavenly deity of fire, a newly wedded couple wants nothing more than to just spend some quality time together. 


Honeymoon places to visit in covid 19


A honeymoon gives newly wedded couples exactly that. Quality time with each other without the interference of other family members. Don’t get us wrong, Although we agree that it is important for the couple to spend time with other members of the family, it is quintessential they get to spend time with each other first. 


Top places to visit on honeymoon in covid 19

You might be wondering how going on a honeymoon would do anything to being a newlywed couple closure. Sure, its an expense but its expense completely worth the experience. The amount you spend on your honeymoon is not for just visiting a beautiful place but also for the timeless memories that you create with your partner. Alone, in a beautiful surrounding with your loved one, sounds wonderful doesnt it. Unfortunately, many couples have had to cancel this precious bonding experience due to the travel restrictions and lockdowns cause by Covid-19.

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Places to visit on honeymoon despite covid 19


With 2020 almost coming to a halt, normalcy seems to be slowly but steadily returning, countries are ready to open up their borders again in full swing for tourists. This means that honeymoons are back on the agenda. 

We bring to you 5 places that you can visit amidst the Coronovirus situation for a lovely honeymoon: 

1. Udaipur


places to visit on honeymoon despite covid


Our very first recommendation lies in the west of our very own country. Udaipur- The city of lakes is a wonderful honeymoon destination. With scenic views and luxurious hotels, this city has love in the air. Travelling outside India is a little adventurous in unprecedented times like these, which is why we strongly recommend that you check out domestic locations like Udaipur for your honeymoon. 

2. Andaman and Nicobar 

Want to walk hand in hand with your partner on lonely, vast and beautiful beaches? Want to witness the most beautiful sight of nature: Sunrises and Sunsets with your loved one? Then book your tickets for Andaman right now! 


Honeymoon destinations to visit in covid19


Andaman islands are not only beautiful and serene but are also extremely cost-effective. The travel time is pretty less as well. Once you arrive on the island you have to be quarantined for 7 days, after which you will be allowed to freely explore the marvels of this island. 

3. Maldives 

Ahh, the beautiful islands of Maldives! Where do we begin to describe the unearthly beauty of Maldives? From luscious beaches to the most extravagant hotels, Maldives has it all. 


places to visit on honemoon in covid 19


Accommodation is affordable and the hospitality is just incredible. Spending some time on the islands of Maldives with your better half will surely bring you closer than ever before. The Maldives, along with being a dreamy honeymoon destination, has the least set of restrictions for travel, No visas and quarantine required for asymptomatic travellers! Isnt that juts music to the ears in the current situation. 

4. Seychelles

Seychelles is a relatively less known travel destination. It is one of those undiscovered bounties of nature mankind has not explored a lot. Being an island in the Indian Ocean, travelling to Seychelles is not that difficult. 


Honeymoon destinations to visit despite covid 19

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If beautiful landscapes with greenery, vast rich blue beaches, unexplored beauty are a few things that excite you and your partner, then Seychelles is the best destination for a loving honeymoon for you. Since October 2020, Seychelles has started to welcome tourists with open arms. Once landing on the stunning island, you have to be quarantined for 5 days, after which you are free to enjoy your stay. 

5. Dubai

Dubai is one such destination which is on the travel bucket list of many people. There is just so much beauty in Dubai that a pair of eyes is not enough to take in its immense grandeur. From fancy hotels, sky soaring skyscrapers to the regal mosques and traditional architecture of Bur-Dubai, this place is a true marvel to witness.


places to visit on honeymoon during covid 19


Upon landing, you will have to be quarantined for 14 days, after which you and your partner can roam the streets of Dubai and have a blast together.


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