Beautiful Pre Wedding PhotoShoot in Kashmir (Gulmarg)

Planning a pre-wedding photoshoot? Experience the ‘freezing-warmth’ of Gulmarg!

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A couple, a love story and a camera- that’s all you need to capture and freeze the memories of a lifetime!

But hey! A picture is more than just the people, right? It’s about the emotions and the love, the joy and happiness, and most importantly the carefully picked location that acts as the perfect backdrop to enhance all these unsaid words and the sparkle in the eyes.

Beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot in Kashmir

Beautiful Pre Wedding Shoot in Kashmir

amazing Pre Wedding Shoot in Kashmir

Nitin and Shanaya, of Nitin Arora Photography, are not just a madly-in-love couple but also thorough professionals who only recommend the very best. So, when the idea of finding the perfect location was propped, they decided to not just brainstorm on possible ideas but also test them out. While, they have travelled to many places, far and wide, for work and for travel, they had never really discovered the enchanting beauty of Gulmarg.

amazing Pre Wedding Shoot in Kashmir

 Pre Wedding PhotoShoot in Kashmir

 Pre Wedding PhotoShoot in Kashmir

Gulmarg, or Kashmir in general, unfortunately, is not the most sought-after travel destination. Most people associate this paradise on earth with feelings of terror, fear, anxiety, and worry. These emotions cloud over the fact that Gulmarg is indeed one of the most pristine and picturesque locations in India.  It has deep valleys, majestic mountain ranges, clear water streams, a calm lake, and a clear beautiful blue sky. You can see every possible hue of greens and blues, and other vibrant colours that only nature can pull off.

But, the natural beauty is not the only thing that makes it so wonderful. It is the warmth of the people, the simplicity of life and a hard-to-miss old world charm that adds to the mesmerizing experience of Gulmarg.

Gulmarg is soaked in a rich culture; a culture that propagates love for one another, a sense of responsibility to keep our precious land safe and beautiful and a culture that only stands for happiness, joy, and celebration of life. Even when the temperatures are dipping to a negative, it is the warmth of the people that makes the greyest days sunny!

 Pre Wedding Photography in Kashmir

To start with, it was love at first sight kind of a feeling! They both decided to experience the authentic and the true-blue life and living in Gulmarg. They stayed in these old houses, typical of the place, with a blazing fire to keep them warm at night and the ever-humble hospitality of the family they were being hosted by. Their tour guide, a simple man with nothing but pride for his hometown, showed them the many beautiful spots waiting to be discovered and welcomed them into his family. He shared the local tales and local flavors and was a big part in helping Nitin and Shanaya truly experience Gulmarg and its endless mystiques.

The plan was simple, Nitin and Shanaya were to discover the potential of Gulmarg as a location for a pre-wedding shoot, by being the couple (Remember, we spoke about perfection and professionalism!). They dressed up like the locals, lived like the locals and the results were just amazing. Don’t believe me? See for yourself and get ready to be amazed!

 Pre Wedding Photography in Kashmir

 Pre Wedding Photography in Kashmir

 Pre Wedding Photographer in Kashmir

Isn’t it just breathtakingly beautiful? Just look at the story these pictures tell. The simplicity and beauty of Gulmarg reflects in each picture and this is the kind of story you want to freeze and cherish for a lifetime.

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Wondering who those adorable kids are?

These handsome boys are the tour guide’s kids. Including them added to the story these pictures tell; a story about love, life and family. Nitin and Shanaya wanted to showcase not just the in-love present but also the beautiful future they look forward to. The kids add to the story and the pure joy, beauty, innocence and simplicity- the main theme of the photoshoot. This could be a memorable family holiday and photoshoot for you too!

Still wondering about who designed these spectacular clothes?

Well, these outfits are the traditional garments worn by the locals. Our tour guide and his family insisted that Nitin and Shanaya portray the local culture, right down to every tiny detail. These clothes also add to the story and the idea behind these pictures, giving it an authentic and at the same time a very stylish appeal.

 Pre Wedding Photographer in Kashmir


On that note, here’s the final verdict on why Gulmarg Should be your choice of pre-wedding shoot:

  • Amazing Locations
  • Perfect Backdrop
  • A simplicity and serenity that adds to your wedding story
  • The best of nature and natural beauty
  • Old World Charm
  • A rich culture and heritage
  • Calm… Peaceful… PERFECT!

 Pre Wedding Photographer in Kashmir

Well, what do you think? Ready to pack your bags and experience Gulmarg? If you have questions, suggestions, or recommendations, we are all ears!

Don’t just Cease… Capture the Moment!

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