Glimpse of An Amazing Pre Wedding Photoshoot At Fairmont Hotel

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon for you, you sit down and decide to scroll through your social media explore page, Just as you scroll through a few images you come across stunning pictures of pre-wedding photoshoots that make your heart go “Awwww” These photos are extremely visually appealing to the eyes with to-be brides dressed to the heavens, makeup and hair all done to perfection looking like pretty dolls leaning on the man of their dreams who is dressed to impress. Moreover, if the shoot is done in a beautiful location like the Fairmont hotel then the pictures turn out to be surreal. 

Why Should You Choose Pre-Wedding Photoshoots?

Pre-wedding Photoshoots have evolved from being just a wedding trend to an integral part of a wedding. This photoshoot experience does not only allow the to-be-married couple to spend some time together alone without their families around them but also plays a crucial role in allowing them to playfully pose together in front of a camera breaking any physical barrier between them, bringing them more closely.

Although pre-wedding photoshoots are a wonderful bonding experience for the couple, the whole purpose of the shoot goes to vain if you do not get mesmerising pictures at the end. Cringey poses with not so eye candy backgrounds can lead to an unexpected result. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered, Nitin Arora Photography recently had a breathtaking photoshoot at the fairmont hotel and brings to you 4 easy and unique ideas that you can implement to have a stunning pre-wedding photoshoot inspired by this shoot:


1. Outdoor Photoshoots

pre-wedding photoshoot at fairmont hotel

pre-wedding photoshoot at fairmont hotel

pre-wedding photoshoot at fairmont hotel

pre-wedding photoshoot at fairmont hotel

Outdoor pre-wedding photoshoots are not only convenient to do but are also very feasible. All you need to find is a scenic place with luscious green trees around it. These photoshoots often revolve around the element of fun. Grooms chasing their brides amidst trees, laying down on the grass together and brides brushing as grooms carry them in their arms are common occurrences in outdoor photoshoots. The beautiful gardens in the fairmont hotel were perfect for an outdoor photoshoot. Have a look at these pictures from a photo shoot that we did not so long ago, the bride joyfully hugs the groom from behind causing a candid laughter moment that was instantly captured by Nitin Arora photography.


2. Destination Photoshoots 

Destination Photoshoots in Fairmont Hotel

Destination Photoshoots in Fairmont Hotel

Destination Photoshoots in Fairmont Hotel

Destination Photoshoots in Fairmont Hotel

Stunning mansions, huge vast beaches, traditional forts are just a few options of the many scenic destinations that you can choose to have a beautiful pre-wedding photoshoot. The pictures below depict how a good photographer can make maximum usage of a good destination to come up with mind-blowing results. The rustic fort with this loving couple hand in hand is a match made in heaven. The fort-like, medieval architectural style of the Fairmont hotel was just perfection!

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3. Themed Photoshoots 

Themed Photoshoot Fairmont Hotel

Themed shoots in Fairmont Hotel

Themed Photoshoots in Fairmont Hotel

Themed Photoshoots in Fairmont Hotel

Themed photoshoots are quite the trend right now and one such theme is the royal theme. This Royal themed photoshoot radiates confidence and truly depicts the pair as a power couple. The regal backgrounds with the pairs of exuberant looks are a perfect match to set the mood of the theme. A royal-themed pre-wedding photoshoot will not let the viewer take their eyes off of the stunning couple posing in all their glory. 


4. Wedding Attire Photoshoots

pre wedding photoshoot

 Pre Wedding shoot Fairmont Hotel

 Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Fairmont Hotel

amazing Pre Wedding Photoshoot At Fairmont Hotel

An interesting idea to have a pre-wedding photoshoot is to have it in wedding inspired outfits. In the photos below the to-be bride is posing in a traditional red coloured bridal wear lehenga while the groom is looking dashing in his golden sherwani. Having a pre-wedding photoshoot wearing wedding inspired outfits creates a sense of mystery for others, these pictures act as a trailer for the grand premiere to take place. 

As seen in the pictures above, Nitin Arora photography has become experts at Pre-wedding photoshoots and wedding photoshoot, whether it is indoor, outdoor, themed or attire based. We have become pioneers in this niche. With more than a decade of experience and several happy clients across the nation, we can promise you that you will only get the best in terms of results. Just take a look at our portfolio to see the level of style and professionalism used in our shoots. For more information, you can reach out to us, we would be more than happy to capture these priceless moments for you. 



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