10 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

If you have never booked a photographer before or even if you have, you must have a set of questions that will give you all the answers you need regarding the photography on your wedding day. We, at Nitin Arora Photography, often come across clients who ask us a bunch of questions. Even though some people find their own questions ‘silly’ but let us tell you that every question is important and takes us one step towards a better photo album.

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So, if you are going to hire a photographer soon then given below is a list of questions that you can ask them to see if they are good for you. Now before telling you the questions, let us make it very clear at the beginning that it’s not necessary to ask all the questions. Also, you can add questions of your own if you find something missing from the list. And lastly, there’s no specific sequence to ask these questions. So, just relax and make sure that you ask these questions before your wedding day. 

Here is a list of 10 questions that you can ask your wedding photographer


  • Ask about their experience in Wedding Photography


Firstly, you would want to know if the photographer has a good amount of experience shooting weddings. You can ask what kind of style they follow or the number of weddings they have covered. 

To best judge the skills and see if the photographer’s assurance is coming from the place of trust, check out their portfolio. You must definitely check out their website and their social media profile (mainly Instagram). 



  • What’s all there in the package?


Whether your agenda is to hire a photographer right away or you want to compare package and pricing, you must definitely ask for the package. What’s included and what’s not is an important part of hiring a photographer. So whether you want an engagement shoot, a wedding shoot, an album, or anything else covered, you must ask for the package. 

This will also help you in deciding which photographer to go for. If you want the best for yourself and know “the best” that you are getting. 


  • What’s the fee and deposit criteria?


While asking for the package, also ask for the total fee. This will, not only help you need comparing prices, but it will also help you in seeing if the photographer fits your budget or not. Apart from that, ask them about the advance deposit that you will have to make and the due date of the total fee. If you think the price is too high, try negotiating with the photographer.


  • When will the photographs be delivered?


Rather than asking for the photographs a day after the event and getting turned down by the photographer, ask about the final album delivery beforehand. It’s true that waiting for pictures isn’t always easy but try to be patient and let the photographer do his job. To get the idea about the delivery date, talk to the photographer while you hire him/her.


  • How many photographers will be covering the event?


Another good question to ask is about the number of photographers covering the event. Let us tell you that more than one photographer at a wedding can help in better covering the event as well as it helps in capturing more and better pictures. So, make sure that you ask your photographer how many of them will be covering the event because additional photographers usually come with additional charges.  


  • What supplies will the photographer need?


This question is usually asked to make sure that there’s every bit of equipment present on the day of the wedding for the photographer to use. Whether it is extra lighting or it is the filter umbrella, it is important to ask whether the photographer will require anything from your end or not. Usually, photographers go out with their own equipment but still, make sure beforehand about it. 


  • What will the photographer wear?


Now, this might seem odd but it is necessary to ask the photographer what he/she will wear. Your wedding has a theme and you can always ask the photographer to match the wedding’s theme. The most important reason is that once the photographer blends in, it becomes easier for him/her to click more candid pictures without making anyone uncomfortable.  


  • What kind of paper is used for making the album?


You must also ask about the type of paper that the photographer will use for making the album. Make sure that it is of the best quality and acid-free. You surely don’t want a photo album on paper that might start deteriorating with time. Also, you can see the sample of that paper to check on the quality. 


  • Do you have any backup photographers?


There can be times when the photographer might not be able to make it to your wedding due to reasons like a sickness. Even though such cases aren’t very common but they do happen. To avoid such a situation, you must ask the photographer if they have any backup photographers who can be available in case of any crisis. The same goes for the equipment. Spare equipment on a photographer can save you on a rainy day. 


  • Will you charge more for covering overtime?


Lastly, you can also ask about the coverage time and if there’s an extra charge for doing overtime. Most of the photographers who have coverage time will tell you beforehand but just in case the photographer doesn’t mention of it, make sure that you ask them about it so that you can save yourself from paying more just because you held the photographer for an extra hour just because some of the guests had arrived late or the after-party had started.


If you have any other questions regarding wedding photography in general or want to hire the Professional Wedding Photographer, you can contact us at Nitin Arora Photography. We are a duo-team of storytellers who believe that there are beauty and joy all around us. The only thing we need to do is capture its essence in our frame. 

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