3 Reasons Why Intimate Weddings are Better than Big Fat Weddings

2020 might have been a very unprecedented year, but it surely taught us a few lessons. Gone are the days when people used to spend fortunes to get wed and make a big show out of it. If there’s one take away from such a catastrophic year, it is that people have slowly come to realise that the minimalist lifestyle spent along with their near and dear ones is not quite as bland as they thought it would be. This year made people question materialistic satisfaction and made us appreciate the company of our friends and family. 

intimate weddings

Weddings in India are usually nothing less than a huge festival. The pompous Indian celebrations involve breathtaking and colourful outfits, stunning and intricate jewellery, a humongous crowd and most importantly a lot of show. While intimate weddings may be perceived as “small weddings” let us tell you that there is nothing small about it. A wrong notion about these weddings is that they are not fun, or that everything is downscaled. This is just a paradigm. The only thing different from a big fat wedding to an intimate wedding is the number of guests, everything else remains the same. 

Here are 3 Reasons why Intimate weddings are better than Big fat Weddings:

1. Pocket Friendly:

While having an intimate wedding doesn't mean you downscale your expenses on things like outfits, venues, food etc, you will inevitably be able to save a lot of money due to a lesser number of guests. If not anything, the money you save from having less number of guests can be used to upscale your wedding.

why intimate weddings are better than big fat weddings

You can get a better venue, purchase more lavish outfits, have exquisite dishes served to your beloved guests and getting a romantic honeymoon are just a few things you can do with the money saved. 

2. Get Amazing Photographs:

intimate wedding vs big weding

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Do you want your wedding album to be filled with pictures of people who you aren’t that close to? Or would you rather prefer that there are many pictures of your loved ones having fun and be happy for you on your wedding day? Well, we are sure you would want the latter. 

With a limited number of guests at your wedding, not only will the photographer be able to capture several candid moments of the couple, but will also be able to do the same for everyone at the wedding. 

3. Safety comes first:

why intimatewedings are better

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“Prevention is better than cure” might be the saying of old times but it is now more relevant than ever. With the ongoing pandemic, it is highly recommended that you have this auspicious occasion amongst as fewer people as possible. 

With many people attending your wedding, not only are you putting the guests(The coronavirus is highly risky for the elderly)  at the risk of being infected but you also put the newly wedded couple under the same risk. The last thing anybody would want after being wed is to be infected with a deadly virus. 

Well, your wedding might be intimate, but that doesnt mean the memories made from it have to be minimal. We, at Nitin Arora photography, can help capture these memories and make them eternal with the use of our cameras and our talent. With more than years of experience and thousands of marriages covered, we have honed and perfected our photography skills and are considered on of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. You do not have to take our word for this, visit our website for more information or feel free to contact us for a booking. 

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