It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Portraits !!

Photography is one of those industries that is constantly evolving. Whether it is in regards to the equipment, technology or style of photography. It is possible for one thing to be in trend today and completely vanish from existence tomorrow. Well, that’s the reality of the industry, which the photographers have to keep up with. 

For the past decade, the trend of Portrait Photography has gained a lot of attention. Almost everyone we meet asks for portraits so that they can use those photos as wallpaper, frame the photos, or just keep them in an album. Portraits are pretty simple, right? All a person does is pose for the camera and the wedding photographer clicks it as it to Say Goodbye to Portraits


But what we are about to tell you now may sound unreal. It can become hard fathom this truth but please try to be with us when we say that portraits are out. Yes, the trend of portrait photography is fading out. By the end of 2018, portraits were considered somewhat boring and lacked creativity. But there was a photography style which was lurking behind the camera and waiting for its turn to outshine the portrait photography. It was none other than the Candid photography style. Candid Photography is quite famous on social media. In fact, it has been one of the top choices of people for some time now. When 2019 started, portraits made way for candid to step in. 


me to Say Goodbye to Portraits


Candid photography is basically capturing the subject without disturbing it or staging the photo shoot. Candid is all about capturing the real moments. The subject could either be talking, laughing, crying or living the moment. It’s the photographer’s job to capture the subject when the subject is in its zone. 

Candid photography has a way of telling stories through photos that portraits sometimes fail to do. The best part is that this photography trend is finally keeping up with the trends of social media. This means that your candid shot can become the most liked or appreciated picture on the internet if it clicks at the right place and at the right time. 

So, if you are still waiting to get that perfect candid shot of yourself or a loved one, this might be the right time for you. 


me to Say Goodbye to Portraits

me to Say Goodbye to Portraits

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